Ben Trinh helps others become life ready

To make other people life ready, Benjamin Trinh, founder and CEO of Life Ready Physiotherapy and Pilates, helps people on their journey towards finding their best quality of life. Understanding what is essential to his life, he builds his corporate structure that starts with his family. He and his wife, Linda, create an annual rhythm as a family, and then he fits his work rhythm into that annual rhythm. For Ben, it’s all about reverse engineering everything around what is important to one’s self.


His strength of coming alongside people and helping them hone their capabilities is what Ben believes as his mission in life. Thus, he would rather have a significant impact on fewer people as opposed to having several relationships at a superficial level. “I want to build fewer but deeper relationships and help those people realise their potential. And my legacy would be a company that’s doing that, a company that emulates those values in reality and that lasts beyond me. I don’t want the company to be dependent on me. The company has to be sustainable and lasting because our mission is to improve the healthcare industry,” Ben stated.

The business came about when he joined the workforce after graduation and felt disillusioned with the harsh realities of the industry. It hit upon him that the industry, composed of small businesses, was very fragmented at that time. Well-intended business owners who love their staff and patients didn’t have the support to run, grow and scale their businesses.

A particular incident has become a turning point in his establishment of Life Ready. One night, Ben found his boss crying in his room, worried about his problems with the admin team, computers not working, and his wife diagnosed with cancer. Working and seeing patients all day, his boss wanted to get home to be with his wife. So he could hit home, he asked Ben to take care of the backend of the business, which included overseeing the admin and the IT matters. That bore fruit to the idea of Life Ready.

“That's what Life Ready does. We created a business that takes care of the backend for like-minded physiotherapists who want to own businesses. They take care of their team, their patients and other visionaries for their local team while Life Ready comes alongside them, providing backend support. We provide HR, legal, marketing, and branding assistance, among other things,” he explained.

With such a noble concept, Ben launched his business. However, as he began to take this path on his own, he realised he had to learn to run a business all by himself. Running a serious business was far more challenging than he expected. “The hardest part is having a worldview wherein we try to listen to people and coach them toward self-actualisation. Our company serves them and allows them to be happy and fulfilled. I constantly push ourselves to do that. It's hard to keep people happy and motivated. That's the biggest challenge. I'm proud that we have the best staff retention in the country for our industry. It means we retain our staff and we keep them happy. But that's the hardest part because we’re carrying the burden of everyone who works with us, helping them get to where they want to reach,” Ben remarked.

Despite the difficulties of managing and expanding a business, Ben and his team have brought Life Ready this far with 27 clinics and nearly 300 staff. He admitted to committing several mistakes along the way, but there were things he practised that helped him grow his business productively. According to Ben, “We have a culture where we empower local leaders with the autonomy and initiative to make tangible change quickly. We stay nimble, that's why I've been able to grow the business. The way we articulate it internally is that we say, 'we're big, yet small'. We have the resources and the influence of a big company, but we have the culture and nimbleness of a small business. Also, we have processes that allow that to happen and facilitate our core values.”

Integral to his personal and professional development is EO, which he has been part of for seven years already. He joined EO Perth during his early 20s and later on transferred to EO Melbourne. “EO provided the mentorship and the guidance for me. I saw that it was important early on because I didn't know anything then. It taught me as I met new people who had done it before, learning from them and getting their experiences around the business. I also made a network of friends around the world through it. I went to all the events or the universities around the world. It has been integral for the relationships and the learnings early on in the business. I'm grateful for EO, as I would never have been able to be where I am today without the support I received from them,” he professed.

With his business experience and interaction with other business owners, Ben cites five qualities entrepreneurs should develop within themselves that would be beneficial to the success of their ventures. “Emotional intelligence is the top one. Second is active listening skills. It is listening that is not hearing but understanding what people are going through and deepening that empathy. Self-awareness and humility would be my third one. The world doesn't need more arrogant leaders. We need leaders who know that they don't know anything and are willing to learn and change and grow. Fourth is communication, which is the ability to align what you're saying with what you're intending. The last attribute would be clarity. In our society right now, no one has clarity. Everyone is busy all the time to do lots of things. But what they need is time to anchor themselves and reflect on their convictions because a company is a reflection of the owner. Life Ready is not for everyone. But because we know what we stand for, the right people work with us.”

His commitment to helping other people achieve their full potential has enabled him to launch their social impact arm, Life Ready Open House. “We give complimentary health care to people who can't afford it in our society. It was a proud moment for us to launch that,” Ben enthusiastically shared. Launching it is a big win not only to Ben and his Life Ready team but also to many people who are in need of quality healthcare service that truly cares for them. By doing so, he carries out his mission of helping others become ready to live their lives to the fullest.

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