Entrepreneurial tools and resources from Sebastián Saá

How do you juggle running a business and doing your legal practice at the same time? SST Lawyers Founder Sebastián Saá Tamayo has offered his expertise to several clients, served various companies in their board and established a business to contribute more to his industry. In the rigorous entrepreneurial journey, Sebastián shares the tools that helped him face the challenges of the business world.

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Acquiring additional knowledge from various resources, learning from other entrepreneurs, surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, joining business groups and familiarising yourself with every aspect of the business can steer you closer towards your goals. Read through some of the measures Sebastián implemented in his journey as an entrepreneur.

Resources for entrepreneurs

Books, podcasts, videos and blogs are readily available resources that any entrepreneur can access. But with so many materials you can find in stores and online sites, it helps to get a list where you can begin with your learning journey. Sebastián reveals some resources that have helped him in his growth as an entrepreneur.


  • Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell – The book breaks the paradigms regarding what drives success. Sebastián’s key takeaway from the book was the concept of determinate practice.

  • Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell – The three crucial concepts in developing a business are Mavens, Sellers and Connectors. The book explains how to squeeze your capacities once you have acknowledged your strengths and capabilities.

  • Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, by Verne Harnish – It is an excellent practical guide to establishing habits in your business.

Business blogs

  • Law.com – Law is a live one. As a lawyer, Sebastián needs to keep up to date with the latest developments in his field.

  • The Economist – The Economist is a great combination of world news, opinions on hot topics, and a thermometer of the world economy.

  • MyEO Bio Hacking – Biohacking is Sebastián’s current favourite business blog. The learnings he found in the group have been transformative in his productivity and life balance.

  • Blockchain – “I follow multiple blogs and experts in the Blockchain industry. I am not a massive fan of cryptocurrencies, yet I believe Blockchain technology will be transformative to all industries. The challenge is to filter the information. Following experts such as Mark Van Riijmenam and his weekly newsletters has proven very useful,” Sebastián remarked.


The last podcast he listened was by fellow EO Melbourne member Damien James on his journey that concluded with the sale of Dimple. “Unlike other similar stories, Damien’s experience resonated with me because of its clarity and simplicity. His success can be attributed to his following basic principles and not compromising on his vision and values. The most valuable takeaway from Damien’s podcast has been the power of surrounding yourself with the right people. Damien exemplifies the potential for up and coming companies to attract a great leader,” Sebastián said.

When it comes to role models, Sebastián finds inspiration in business leaders like Ecuadorian entrepreneur David Bermeo, businessman and philanthropist Sir Richard Branson, and Spanish Business leader and Sebastián’s mentor, José Enrique Fuster.

Strategies and recommendations

Through knowledge acquired from other entrepreneurs and his experience in the business industry, Sebastián has gathered great tools that can support one in managing a venture. These can be used as strategies and techniques to achieve your business goals.

The five things that he found helpful in running a business is to build relationships internally and externally, persevere with a determinate practice, establish a great team, yearn for continuous education and learning and have accountability and metrics.

Sebastián added, “Don’t lose focus on your long-term objectives. Don’t micromanage, but don’t hesitate to roll up your sleeves and get hands-on when needed. Have a process for decision-making and don’t run away from making timely decisions, even if they turn out to be the wrong decision in the long run. Have a strong corporate governance structure in place.”

When it comes to taking care of your clientele, Sebastián pointed out that knowing your audience and understanding the needs of your market is key to a lasting relationship with them. “Some customers may want small talk, while others prefer you to cut to the chase. Treat them with congruence and integrity. Don’t try to sell an off-the-shelf product, even if the product is indeed off-the-shelf. Follow up on your work and ask for feedback. Stay in touch with your clients. Find out their interests and things that make them receptive to your offerings. Send them relevant news and articles that are valuable to them.”

These are good insights from a lawyer-entrepreneur. You can take Sebastián’s learnings with you and adapt them to your business to help you grow in your craft. Try and see how his tips and recommendations can help you fast-track your business and reach your goal at an accelerated rate.

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