Evans and Partners

Evans & Partners aims to provide a person-to-person, highly-attentive stock-broking service for all Australians. It is part of the Evans Dixon Group that was formed via the merger of Dixon Advisory and Evans and Partners in 2017. The group employs 600 staff servicing over 8,000 clients; funds under management or advice totalling more than $22 billion; and has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and New York.

The core of our organisation is our approach to client relationships. We establish long-term alliances and strive for open and transparent communication. To achieve our clients’ objectives, we are guided by the following principles:

  • Focus on outcomes.

  • Real. After-tax returns.

  • Liquidity. We favour investments that offer access to capital in a timely fashion.

  • Simple over the complex. If we can’t explain it, we won’t recommend it.

  • Financial innovation. We will embrace innovation if it allows us to enhance returns and better identifies risks.

We’re pleased to offer the following services to EO Melbourne members:
•          Private wealth management
•          Asset management
•          Corporate advisory
•          Institutional equities and debt
•          Funds management
•          Philanthropic services
•          Self-managed superannuation advice, management and administration

Contact Paul Benveniste
Phone +61 (0) 412 528 118
Address Mayfair Building, 171 Collins St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Email pbenveniste@evansandpartners.com.au
Website www.evansandpartners.com.au