The EO Melbourne Key Executive program was founded to assist EO members in implementing growth strategies learnt from EO into their business with key management buy-in and participation. This program permits an EO member to have a key executive from their business to participate in EO learning events and EO Accelerator learning events and become a member of a Key Executive Forum.

This program will help EO members communicate and learn jointly with their key executives, sharing the unique benefits of EO with their key executive from their business. Our mission is to empower and align EO members with their key executive and provide the tools, accountability, community and support to aggressively scale and master business best practice and become better leaders.


  • Participation in 4 Business Growth Accelerator days (1 per quarter) taught by a highly experienced Gazelles certified coach (PEOPLE-EXECUTION-CASH-STRATEGY), based on the principles developed by Verne Harnish from his bestselling book Scaling Up, to catapult your business growth.
    Delivered once per quarter, these training days will give you the tools and experience to grow your business. They are relevant for businesses with revenues of US$1 million to more than US$100 million.
    These business growth sessions are limited to Key Executive program members and their respective EO members. These sessions are tailored for mid-sized businesses with more than US$5 million in revenue that want to dramatically grow their revenues, net profit and cash flow.

  • Participation in a monthly accountability group for 6–10 Key Executive program members, including an experienced EO member to act as a group mentor to support your accountability group experience.

  • Quarterly exclusive learning events led by some of Australia’s most influential entrepreneurs and speakers.

  • Membership to the EO Melbourne Executive program WhatsApp group.

  • Access to 4 EO learning events per annum.*

  • Invitation to the EO Melbourne annual events.*

NB: * is by invitation of EO


  • To ensure the program fosters a high-performance culture, the Key Executive program has a maximum of 20 seats.

  • EO members and executives must together have a basic understanding of the Scaling Up program and agree that the executive has the mandate to implement the practices in the business.

  • Key Executive program members must attend all quarterly Scaling Up training sessions, which are full-day workshops. EO members are to provide executives with all the information required to undertake the training days effectively (e.g., profit and loss statements).

  • EO members are now able to register up to a total of two executives to the EO Executive program.

  • Total of two Key Executive Forum groups of 8–10 persons each for the next 12 months.

  • Please note, the money module requires participants to work with the company’s P&L and

  • balance sheet. EO members must be prepared to share this data. (Please note that this is not line-item data; payroll and other sensitive information can be hidden.)

  • Executives must commit to attending monthly forum sessions (3 hours).

  • Attending EO learning/speaker events is optional.

  • Executives will also be asked to sign a constitution and confidentiality agreement around forum experiences, confidentiality and attendance.

  • If the EO Member leaves EO, then their key executive shall also finish the program.