How to effectively close a sales pitch

Marketing efforts can only be as effective as your ability to bring a sales transaction into a successful close. Whether you are selling an actual product, a concept or a service, being able to convince your prospect is a skill that can be learned and practised. Many become sharp at selling as they get more experience at it.

The advantages of attending conferences, talks and seminars

Not many may adhere to the thought of leaving their workspace and be with several other people, mostly strangers, to listen to a speaker. Others may prefer to read books, watch videos or listen to podcasts in the comforts of their offices or homes rather than going to a venue, which may be a bit intimidating. However, there is a great benefit in being in that space where you absorb the energy of experts and other like-minded individuals.

The art of negotiation in the entrepreneurial world

Running a business entails interaction and engagement with different people and various players in the industry. One major component in the entrepreneurial journey is negotiating for your business. You do it when hiring or retaining a staff member, purchasing materials, contracting suppliers, getting into a partnership or marketing and selling your product or services.

Nurturing effective communication in the workplace

Communication happens in our everyday life. It plays a fundamental part in the business world because it keeps the whole engine running. The same goes for any venture, big or small. But for your organisation to run smoothly, you need to hone good communication methods and tone down those that can cause problems.

Why you need market research for your business

Starting a business entails a lot of risks involved. You put into it your financial resources as well as your time, ideas and energy. The costs are high, and the risks are great. There is a huge probability of failure if you do not carefully plan how to build your venture, while your success rate may be substantial if you do the necessary preparations.

Things to know before you franchise

Franchising is one of the business models that aspiring entrepreneurs explore when they think of entering the business world. There is already a system in place and a brand that is recognised by customers. Although there are many success stories on franchising, there are also futile ones. Before you go into franchising, you have to weigh first the pros and cons and their possible effects on you.

How to become a successful entrepreneur in the medical field

Getting a medical degree does not automatically makes one work in hospitals or pharmaceutical companies. It may be a specialised field, but there’s plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurship in this business space. There is a door in this industry that can lead you to the entrepreneurial journey.

20 Podcasts for entrepreneurs

The beginning of the 21st century saw the rise of podcasts as a new way of sharing information to the public. It broadcasts content and distributes them as audio files using apps or the internet. Entrepreneurs saw the value of podcasts in increasing their knowledge as they can conveniently listen to them anytime they want.

Planting and growing the seed of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is like gardening where you plant and nurture your business so that it grows and bears fruit. It takes a lot of labour, notwithstanding external factors, to achieve the result you envision. Nevertheless, you till the ground, water the plant and care for it until it yields its produce for a good harvest.

Essential business software tools

Speed and efficiency are necessary ingredients in running a business. You need tools that will help you fast track your operations effectively, sort out your internal structure, keep up with the demands of your clientele, compete well in your industry, and protect your venture from possible threats.

Industries where startups thrive

More and more startups are on the rise, and there are industries where new businesses thrive. Such industries provide an environment that allows recent players room for growth and opportunities. Emerging industries set the stage for fresh ideas and concepts while established ones experience a changing landscape through disruptive technology.

The benefits of blogging to your business

Blogging has been around for more than two decades, and it has become widely used from personal journals to marketing and commercial purposes. Various brands and companies have also turned to blogs to communicate with their stakeholders. A blog gives an added dimension to your website, which usually has standard pages that do not need frequent updating.

Rafting through the entrepreneurial rapids

The perils of letting the powerful flow of water push you along a maze of huge sharp boulders are extremely high. It’s the same with putting your efforts and resources in establishing and running a business – you can gain so much or lose a lot. Despite the hardships, the whole adventure brings excitement and adrenaline rush. The satisfaction that the end of the surge gives to those who take it is even greater for those who finish it.

Cloud storage: where to store your data

The 20th century saw the creation of cloud storage, but it was in the 21st century when it gained widespread use. Many businesses, especially those with offices, staff or dealings in two or more locations, have resorted to putting their data on a cloud platform for easy storage, sharing and collaboration. Understandably, it is a technology that most companies turn to in making their operations faster and more efficient.

Business leadership styles you can learn from entertaining guests

You let friends and family members in. But even before they could settle, you gave them a rundown of your house rules. In short, you tell them how you want them to behave in your territory. While this can set the order in the home, it can also be restricting.

Augmented Reality as a business tool

Augmented Reality (AR) has become a buzz term because of apps that utilise this technology. However, do not confuse AR with VR or virtual reality. VR provides an immersive experience beyond the physical realm into a simulated environment. Meanwhile, AR produces computer augmentations over a real scenario, mixing reality with enhanced graphics.

Your diet, your business and you

The holiday parties may have you binging on food that it’s time to shed the unwanted fats and get into shape. The new year calls for a new you – a better and healthier version of yourself. You may want to hit the gym, do some physical activities, or watch your diet. But it’s always good to do some research before you decide the right course for you, as a particular activity or diet may pose risks to your health.

10 fun activities for team-building

Taking time off from one’s busy schedule is a welcome respite for every person – business owners and staff members alike. Apart from vacation and annual leaves, a good way to break free from the confines of workspaces and work routines is to have team-building activities where the entire team can have fun together. The beginning of the year is the best time for some pep rally to set the tone for your internal environs.