Short courses for entrepreneurs

Perhaps people are confident to go after their passion to start a business because they have acquired enough experience to do so or their training and educational background provided them with the knowledge and skills to make it happen. Still, this does not mean that business owners already know everything. They need to constantly update themselves with the latest trends and upgrade their proficiencies to move their ventures forward.

Running a startup like flying a drone for the first time

Drone cameras are getting more popular that almost anyone can purchase one and fly it on their own. Because a drone is now a must-have gadget, especially among travellers and photography enthusiasts, people think that it is easy to fly them. It may seem so, but unknown to many, it is also easy to crash them. It can be compared with starting and owning a business. The majority only pays attention to the rewards but fails to realise the difficulty of keeping a venture afloat and letting it soar to success.

President's Update - October

From the President

Dear EO Melbourne,

I recently caught up with Dave Ansett, a Past President, where he checked in and asked how I was going. Steadfast in my determination not to respond with a throwaway “good”, I paused, reflected for a moment, and responded with, “I feel genuinely and incredibly lucky.”

As our Board close off our first quarter and start our second quarter together, we turn our minds towards our 3 key priorities: (1) Respect our past; (2) Be custodians to the present; and (3) Plan for the future. As part of planning for the future, we consider the question of succession planning and open up the call for nominations for Board positions. In my experience, being on the Board is a masterclass in influence and leadership, and one of those things that money can’t buy. If you wish to put your hand up for the Path of Leadership and be considered as a President in the future, please let myself and Kirsten ( know privately.

How to keep your office space neat and tidy

Work never stops in an office. Every day, there are new tasks to perform, new fires to put out, new targets to reach and new ideas to execute. Things-to-do keep piling up on your desk and in your inbox. Before you know it, you are already swamped with a lot of files that you miss out on some important matters that needed your attention.

Cultivating happiness in the workplace

Finding team members, those with the precise skills set, work ethics and culture fit, that blend well together is a godsend to any entrepreneur. Great talent, good chemistry and shared vision among staff do not come often. Thus, business owners must be able to retain good people in the organisation. Key to that is by keeping them happy at all times so that they maintain a good disposition in their workplace and towards their jobs.

Endurance activities and Entrepreneurship

It is inevitable for entrepreneurs to feel exhaustion, fatigue, discouragement, frustration and despair in the course of the business journey. But in true entrepreneurial spirit, they bounce back and march again with more determination. Hence, a little bit of mental and emotional stretching is needed to build stamina, face challenges head-on and keep going towards the goal.

The impact of user reviews on businesses

Consumers nowadays have the power to sway market opinion. Through review sites and social media networks, customers can make public their experiences with businesses they utilised. User reviews influence buying decisions because the market now looks into the assessment of those who have already availed of particular products or services before committing to a transaction. Thus, client ratings and testimonials provide customers with both a resource and a voice that can affect one’s company or brand.

“How to Build Successful Families” Workshop with Warren Rustand

EO Melbourne members and their families had a fun engagement at the How to Build Successful Families Workshop with Warren Rustand. Out of the 80 participants, 33 were family guests or children of EO members. This workshop coincides with the chapter’s focus this year on family and in bringing those most important on the same journey.

12 digital payment tools for businesses

The dawn of digital technology has empowered more and more individuals to turn to the cyberspace to find solutions to their various needs. Such solutions are mostly accessed in a single gadget and transactions are done at a click of a button. Many online infrastructures are put in place to make life easier to both merchants and customers and allow the movement of funds to be swift but secure. With e-commerce now on the rise, it is important to take a closer look at online payment tools that can make the exchange of finances, goods and services faster and easier.

Sharpening the entrepreneurial mind through jigsaw puzzles

Puzzles are created to tickle the mind. Putting together pieces of jigsaw puzzles, especially the huge ones, can be both exciting and daunting. Finding the right one that fits a particular section is pleasurable, but not figuring out the correct positions can be frustrating. It is sometimes exasperating, yet it can hone your skills and sharpen your thinking.

Nuggets of entrepreneurial wisdom from Harry Sanders

Work hard. Find your purpose. Step out of your comfort zone. These are the three main lessons that Harry Sanders, founder and director of StudioHawk, a Google Marketing Specialist SEO company, learned in his experience as a businessman. Harry established his company during his teens, and he found that the entrepreneurial journey is full of challenges. Yet, the hardships moulded and strengthened him to be what he has become today.

Tips on identifying your market segment

Your product or service is not for everyone. It is not something that can cater to people across all ages, income levels, sectors or geographic areas. Even if you are producing a variety of items that can fill up a department store, it doesn’t mean you can sell to anyone. Trying to do so can result in wasting your time, effort and resources, which is not a strategic way to do business.

Media Relations 101 for Your Business

Building your brand and establishing a positive image to your target audience takes time, resources and effort. One strategy is to engage with the press to help you get your message across and develop your reputation to the public. A feature about you or your business on broadcast or print media has a different effect compared to an advertisement that is usually for self-promotion. Having a reputable journalist talk or write about you positively cultivates trust among your prospects and customers.

The importance of family support in the entrepreneurial journey

A significant element to survive the challenge-filled entrepreneurial journey is a strong support system not only at work but also at home. Entrepreneurs often wear several hats and carry out various responsibilities – business owners, leaders, mentors and parents, to name a few. They sometimes end up tired and weary physically, mentally and emotionally. Thus, having a family that fully understands and supports the journey that entrepreneurs take is a factor in one’s longevity in the business world.

Kinds of entrepreneurs from tea varieties

Tea drinking has been part of both Western and Eastern cultures for many centuries now. Drinking tea has become a form of social interaction in certain societies, while it is considered a formal ceremony in other countries. With all the traditional and modern tea beverages in the world, it’s time to take a closer look at the tea varieties and how they can correspond to a certain type of entrepreneur.

Time management for entrepreneurs

Juggling different tasks in business, roles in your personal life, positions in your various associations and commitments in other interests can be tiresome. “Time is gold” rings true to every entrepreneur, which is why there is a need to manage it well. Otherwise, you’ll end up doing too many mundane things that may take up a lot of your time and energy.