Playing footy in the field of entrepreneurship

There goes the kick, and the ball made its way to the goal post and earned a score. It’s fun to watch your favourite sport, whether on TV, online or live action because it can take away some of the stresses that are wearing you down. When it comes to sports, Australian football is one of the most watched events in the country with its millions of followers.


The excitement of the play can be contagious. More and more people can get hooked on the sport. However, apart from the adrenaline rush that the game provides, there are also some lessons you can pick from playing footy. Surely, there are certain skills and tactics in Aussie rules that you can apply to the entrepreneurial field. Take a look at them and see which ones can help you be on top of your game.

Grip the ball: put your hands on your business

Get a good hold of your business and learn the different aspects of running it. You can strategise well if you are hands-on with your venture. Take into account all necessary information, finance included, about how to manage your enterprise and make important business decisions based on them. It also pays if you know your brand inside out. Constantly communicate with your clients and prospective customers to get the pulse of the market. Like the ball that becomes part of a player, an enterprise is an extension of its business owner. Learn the ropes of your trade and take the lead in bringing your business forward.

Be one with the team: pick the right people

Many business owners accentuate the importance of hiring the right people in their team and nurturing the right business culture. Always align your goals with your team and share the vision, mission and values of your business with them. Find like-minded people that can become part of your business. Join organisations like EO Melbourne that can help you develop your enterprise. Listen to mentors that can coach you during your journey, and cultivate people that you can groom to become future leaders of your company. If there’s anyone that may not fit into your group, find solutions to deal with the setback.

Mark with your eyes: focus on the prize

Never leave your eyes on the prize. When things seem strenuous and the journey burdensome, keep in mind what you have envisioned in the first place. Surely, there will be difficulties. They may often weigh you down or dishearten you. Various factors can get you blind-sided and distract you from the path you have taken. But do not waver on your resolve and persist with determination until you have accomplished what you have planned to achieve. Do regular huddles with your team to gauge how close you are to your target. Deliberate the data pertaining to your business and listen to what your gut tells you. Then plot your tactics and map out your gameplan.

Catch it nicely with your palm: put safety nets in place

Once you have marked the ball with your eyes, have the necessary skills and tools to catch it safely. Plans can go awry. Things can go beyond your control. Circumstances can suddenly turn to your disadvantage. Make calculated risks, create backup plans and come up with safety nets that will allow your business to withstand complexities. Lay down the necessary support system needed to seize opportunities and bear the influx of demand. Don’t overpromise and underdeliver. Stay true to what your business can hold. Know your capacity and work around your capabilities.

Release with ease: be flexible

To be able to make a good move and a winnable kick, a player must first release the ball. There may be alterations in your business and your industry landscape. You have to learn to adjust your business to these changes and make the bold move to be the one to disrupt your industry. Open your mind to various possibilities and consider various options. Learn to modify your strategies to be able to adapt to internal and external environs. It’s good to anticipate things in advance so you can position yourself accordingly and prepare for what may come your way.

Point your toes at your target and kick hard: build momentum

Move towards the target to help you acquire your goal. Then bring all your force to launch your business to greater heights. Entrepreneurs invest not only their money into the business, but they also put in their time, talents and passion. They face different kinds of challenges and sacrifice their lives to make their ventures prosper and serve those they deem to serve. If you are eager to make a score, bring your business to the direction that will help you achieve your dreams.

Follow through: follow-up your actions

One good move is not enough. No one can claim success and let it die. There has to be advancement and growth as you go along. Walk the extra mile when you have reached a milestone. Pick up the phone and make daily calls. Acquire new knowledge and proficiencies. Hone your talents and leadership skills. Take part in learning events, such as those provided by EO, to increase your capacity and that of your business. This growth is not just for yourself but also for your people, clientele and other stakeholders. If you have scored a win, assess how you can take your business a notch higher. Sometimes, the danger is not in failing but in settling with what is good when you can aim for the best.

Dodge the opponent: don’t let your guard down

Know your opponents – their strengths, weaknesses, capabilities and downfall. This opponent can be your competitor in business, a disruptor in the industry, a staff member that does not fit your culture, or it can be your fear or lack of confidence. Examine what it is that provides a negative force in your enterprise that prevents you from attaining your objective. Once you have identified this opposing energy, find a way to tackle it. Look at things from different angles. Don’t rest on your laurels. Even in the face of success, always anticipate possible problems to avert a crisis.

Pick up fast: bounce back after a fall

You will stumble, take a misstep, trip over, or plunge in a pitfall. Don’t let a mistake stop you from getting to your goal. You may get bruised or injured, but there’s no use crying over spilled milk. Instead, lick your wounds, take time to recuperate and get back to the game once you have mended. The best way towards success is to recover from a gaffe. Ponder on your weaknesses and understand areas that may expose you to vulnerabilities. Work on those aspects, learn from the experience and allow it to strengthen you and stretch your entrepreneurial muscles. Many say that when you’re down on the ground, there’s no other way to go but up.

Run swift: persevere and keep going

As much as running is an important skill in football, so it is in business, figuratively speaking. Time is of the essence, and to be a frontrunner in the game, you have to move fast. Be agile and aim for a goal because every score counts. You can achieve victory through small wins. Just run towards your vision and bring your business further. It might be tiring, leaving you out of breath, but once you get towards the goal and make a score, the reward cannot be equalled.

To top all of these, don’t forget to enjoy the game and have some fun. You can often get wrapped up in your business world and become too serious in your venture that you often wear yourself out. Even when you are toiling, relish the experience. It doesn’t matter if you are working round the clock as long as you are passionate about what you do. Still, harmonise your business with other aspects of your life, such as your family, community, and other interests. Remember that the game is not just about yourself. It is also about your team, your opponents, the league and the spectators. So, bring your best into play and get ready to kick some balls and hit a score.