The journey of a (business or sports) champ

The entrepreneurial journey and the athletic life have many parallelisms. Similarly, an entrepreneur and an athlete exhibit almost the same qualities that become fundamental in bringing them to their respective goals. They share common features that make them winners and champions.


Athletes and business owners have the determination and drive to face any obstacle or hurdle as they remain focused on the wins. Their passion for their game, their profession, and their team are unequalled. They listen to their coach or mentor, work with their team, and look after their supporters and customers.

We may always see the glory of being a champion, but getting there is a long and strenuous journey. Business and sports champs have to begin somewhere, and the first steps are never always easy. The way towards becoming a star in whichever field is not a paved path. It has its challenges and wins. The learning and improvement never stop. However, constant training, exposure, and experience shape them to become authorities in their professions. But how does one evolve from being a newbie to becoming a big player?


A star player is not born overnight. Many of them begin their interest by watching those ahead of them make their way towards success. Their love for business or sports starts with a fascination sparked by an experienceor person that demonstrated enjoyment and success in these fields. They watch on the sidelines, cheer for their idols, or study the techniques and strategies. A potential entrepreneur absorbs ideas from brands he patronises, books he read, stories of successful business owners he heard, and hints from those who have already made it big.


Even the most gifted and brilliant of player or entrepreneur has to try his hand on the game. A simple play in the neighbourhood can mould an athlete while a basic summer job can produce an entrepreneur. At a certain point, a promising champ has to test the waters to see if he has the capability of learning the skills that will match his passion for the craft. He accumulates some form of experience and knowledge before he dives into the entrepreneurial or athletic waters. Aspiring entrepreneurs do their research on the market they want to target and readies himself with entry plans to ensure success in his endeavour.


A jersey. A uniform. A contract. A business registration. It may come in whatever form, but it is a symbol of one becoming a business owner or athlete in an official capacity. He joins a league, a team, an industry or a business group. The rookie player or entrepreneur is often placed under the microscope to see if he would be able to succeed in the field he has chosen. Getting into business is a bold move that only the fearless and adventurous make. A newbie entrepreneur does everything, in the beginning, trying to carve a name for himself to gain the trust of his customers and clients. It is the phase to learn every skill possible, a defining moment to shine and jumpstart a career.

First seasons

The first few seasons in the game or first few years in the business are the most exciting and most challenging. It is the most crucial stage that will determine if one will survive in the field or not. The early years will set the path and direction of one’s career. He will either rise in glory or go down in oblivion. There will be several trials and errors as one adjusts to the industry’s movements. But a passionate entrepreneur never wavers as he withstands the tumultuous journey. That’s how an entrepreneur is shaped to become a business champ.

Regular Player

At this stage, a player may have gotten the groove of the game. The learning curve is no longer too steep. But the danger is going into a plateau. One has to constantly improve his performance to outshine the others, especially with more players coming in. You may not yet reach the helm, but you’re getting there. All it takes is to hone new skills, work well with the team, and give your best. Moreover, to become an MVP, you must not just play it safe and settle for the second or third spot. You need to make some tactical moves and garner a lot of wins to carry your team or business into the championship.


One becomes a champ through discipline, tenacity, passion, and strategy, as well as support from his team. Winners also commit mistakes. But they don’t wallow on it. Rather, they stand up again every time they fall. They compete not only with their opponents but also with themselves as they strive to become better and stronger. Victorious entrepreneurs climb their way to success because they do not let difficulties stop them from hitting their goals. They are relentless, and they are always out for a win.


Champions do not rest on their laurels. They don’t stop at just a few hits. It is a continuous journey where victories are not the end but the high points along the path. Although they still play in their respective fields, they guide and motivate their other teammates and allow them to share in the spotlight. They support their team, providing strength and inspiration to their new members.


Players and entrepreneurs go on with their journey, although they probably take new roles within the team or organisation. They become mentors who direct the younger ones on their journey. It is their turn to share their experience with those who are still starting out. For EO Melbourne members, some of them tell their story through their forum. They take a different perspective of the business, looking after its growth without having to be in the game. Instead, they put themselves on the game as they steer their venture to more wins and successes.

Others may opt to take a different route, depending on their priorities, preferences and circumstances. Where are you in your journey right now? Where do you want to be?