Braving the entrepreneurial roller coaster ride

Theme parks are a child’s paradise. It’s a place where thrill and fun abound. It’s appealing and attractive, but can be quite daunting. The experience of enjoying theme park rides can run parallel to the entrepreneurial journey. Like in the business world, being in an amusement park can fill you with mixed emotions – fear, excitement, wooziness, and satisfaction.


It is interesting that children appear as if they don’t dread the frightening theme park rides. Similarly, young entrepreneurs seem to have less apprehension about entering the business race. Nevertheless, not many may find it enjoyable. Only those who have the sense of adventure will linger and crave for more. True enough, there are joys and anxieties in owning and running a business, which is why it is suitable for those who have the spirit and courage to go through it.

As time goes by, business owners realise that despite the enjoyment that the entrepreneurial amusement park brings, it is more pleasurable when spent with people who share the same passion and interest on such level of exuberance. Imagine a kid who looks forward to visiting a theme park, only to find that his or her companions are not eager to spend a day in such an environment.

In the business setting, it is helpful to find a group like EO Melbourne where like-minded individuals can relate to the challenges you face. But they keep traversing their entrepreneurial journeys because they love what they’re doing. Listening to their stories gives you a dash of confidence to brave the entrepreneurial adventure. You might be curious to know the kind of rides that most entrepreneurs find in the business world. Check out below which ones can connect closely to your experience.

1. Rollercoaster

The most common analogy of business owners to the entrepreneurial journey is the roller coaster ride. It’s filled with tumultuous ups and downs, sideways and loops. Running a business can be a turbulent journey with constant problems, challenges, motivation and wins. There are times when it can be scary and dizzying, but there are also moments when you feel the adrenaline rush like you are on the top of the world. The roller coaster ride is just a reminder that things can get pretty fast and you have to go with the momentum to enjoy it fully.

2. Carousel

If the rollercoaster is too speedy for you, the carousel is slower and less terrifying. Some of us may prefer to stay on the safer side, not wanting to disrupt the status quo. There are movements but not too steep and can be less exciting. There’s the danger of just going around in circles, with little development or improvement in the business.

3. Bump car

The business space is full of competition. It can get crowded, and you may end up bumping into each other. The bump car is a fun ride because you can take it whichever direction you want. However, it is unavoidable that you will end up hitting other businesses or getting yours hit along the way. Not everyone may go in the same direction as yours. In reality, it can become chaotic and messy.

4. Dark ride

No matter how many business books you read, seminars you attend, or podcasts you listen, nothing can totally prepare you for the entrepreneurial journey. You get hints from the basic concepts, stories of other business owners, and market movements, but there is a different kind of learning when you experience it yourself. It’s the same case with ghost trains and horror rides in amusement parks. We know that it can be creepy inside. But once we step into the darkness, it still scares us. We often psyche ourselves not to be afraid of what we’ll find inside, but we still get startled by the movements, sounds and props inside this attraction.

5. Swing ride

Chair-O-Planes and Monkey Swingers are the popular types of swing ride. This motion of this ride can vary as it can speed up or slow down and tilt its top on different angles. It hurls you around as the top rotates on an axis. The business experience can throw you off guard and beyond your comfort zone. But as long as you are attached to your core values and core business, you can never stray too far.

6. Pendulum ride

Based on the concept of a pendulum, this ride pivots back and forth due to force and gravity. Have you ever tried a Pirate Ship ride? It neither goes anywhere nor rotates but it can swing forward and backward. There’s a rhythm. You have to keep moving. When you hit failure, don’t stay there forever because you can sway yourself towards success. The entrepreneurial journey can be frenzied, but you can always set a rhythm for yourself and your business, and find your balance in all these things.

7. 4D Ride

Many theme park goers, especially those who only accompany their kids, would rather go for the 4D rides. It’s like watching a movie in a theatre, but there are water mists, fog, and pokers for additional sensations to the cinematic feel. The seats may move a bit for a semblance of motion. To be on top of your business and the movement in your industry, you have to use all your senses and immerse yourself in the whole experience to fully grasp what’s ahead of you.

8. Mechanical Bull

For those who get overwhelmed with huge rides, the mechanical bull is a safer option. You can ride it just by yourself. It is ideal for those who are visiting amusement parks for the first time and need to shake off their fear. As Subway co-founder Fred Deluca once said, “start small, finish big.” There’s no need to shock your system if you believe the best way for you is to begin your business journey in a slow and steady pace. The original use of mechanical bulls was to train cowboys for rodeos. In the same way, newbie entrepreneurs can gather experience first and then go big.

9. Bungee Trampoline

Some amusement parks have attractions like the bungee trampoline. The difference of this kind of attraction compared to the previous ones mentioned is that this one is not mechanical. Instead, the visitor is doing the activity with the help of a trampoline. To launch your business to greater heights, you need a platform like a trampoline. But it all does is support you because you have to be the one to make the jump and exert effort to force yourself upward.

10. Climbing wall

From afar, the wall may appear easy. But once you take the first step towards the top, you’ll find that it can be strenuous and challenging. You have to stretch your entrepreneurial muscles to reach the next rock so you can pull yourself upward. All it takes is determination, perseverance, agility and commitment to reach your goal. Just keep your head towards the top and not look down to stay on the course. Focus on your goal and be not afraid of failure.

Every park goer has his preference and bias on which theme park ride he will take. Each entrepreneur differs from one another when it comes to vision, goals, strategies, and style of running a business. That is why there are different rides to choose from and different paths to take. There may be variety in the experiences, but the basic components will be there, such as the challenge and the thrill of the ride. Listening to the stories of others on how their entrepreneurial ride went can give you an idea on how you can tackle things on your own when it’s time for you to experience your business adventure.