The entrepreneurial house plan

In constructing a house, the first thing that is needed is a blueprint that will outline the plan for the edifice. If you want to put a structure in place, you need to have clear-cut boundaries, floor areas, and the layout of your living space. It’s the same way when building a business. There has to be a plan and an organisational structure that will help support your venture and make it stand firmly.


As a business owner, you are the architect, engineer and chief carpenter of your enterprise. You have to design your business proficiently so that it can withstand the harsh conditions and constant movements of the economic landscape.

A simple house starts with a few important rooms that are necessary for living. If you’re going to construct your business, your entrepreneurial house, there are rooms you have to bear in mind as you put together your blueprint.

1.) Living Room: put your guest first

Your business exists because of your customers. Like a living room that makes every visitor feel welcome to your home, treat every client as your guest and provide the best product or service for them. Your product or service should be able to answer a need or solve a problem for them to make it relevant in society.

2.) Kitchen: whip a menu for success

We cook our food and prepare our meals in the kitchen. Whatever you do in your business, work out every ingredient that will make your venture a sure success. You have to stock up, whether they are materials needed for your business or qualities that will help you endure the challenges of the industry.

3.) Dining: nourish yourself with continuous learning

Equipping yourself and your people with new skills and additional knowledge will be beneficial to your venture. Your business is composed of people, and for them to grow, you also have to develop your team, including yourself. Do training sessions, attend seminars, or join groups like EO Melbourne where there’s a rich repository of insights and ideas through learning events.

4.) Bathroom: keep your business spick-and-span

Maintaining the cleanliness in your company is not limited to the physical environs. Apart from keeping your workspace orderly, you also have to be agile in cleaning up your mess – the mistakes that you or your people may commit. Have constant evaluation, reporting, huddles, monitoring and planning to beautify your business by taking out the impurities and working on your weaknesses and liabilities.

5.) Bedroom: give yourself time to relax and enjoy

The business world can be hectic. Allow some time and space for you and your staff to have some fun, whether it’s through teambuilding activities, incentives or simple lunches or dinners together. Go out and celebrate when you have victories. Give your mind and your environment a breather to avoid feeling burnout.

6.) Garage: protect which drives your business forward

The main operation of your business is the engine that keeps your venture going. You have to maintain it in good condition, just like safekeeping your vehicles in a garage. Put the proper systems and processes in place for a smooth ride in your day-to-day activities.

7.) Attic: store your records properly

As much as you have a physical area to store all the important records and items related to your business, also have a database for the soft copies. Similarly, put everything on record in every transaction of your business.

8.) Study/Work area: put your mind in your business

Not all houses have a work area or study or library. But modern homes allocate a nook or space where adults can do their work or for children to study or do their assignments. In your business, set aside time and space for brainstorming and evaluation. You can also get consultants or mentors to give you an extra eye and brain as you come up with ideas on how to improve your business.

Once your house is up and ready for occupancy, always check each room to ensure that it stays neat and tidy. Have regular maintenance of your electrical system, plumbing, security and various parts of the structure. Never allow pests to destroy your homes.

In business, stay on top of every department and aspect of your venture. Keep a clear and open communication with your team so that you can address concerns right away. As a business owner, you are the house manager, so you have to keep it always in tip-top shape. That way, household members, which are your staff members, enjoy living in your entrepreneurial home, while making it welcoming for guests to enter and linger.