Best cities for business travel

Progress is taking place simultaneously in various parts of the world, and more and more places are growing at an accelerated rate. With all the modernisation and development in cities, many of them become great destinations for business travel. Business trips demand a lot of needs. Whether you travel for meetings, conferences, events, exploration, professional development, networking, company visits, attending EO activities, or incentives, it is important to pick the right place for such important transactions.


They say, go where the business will take you, but if you have a choice when it comes to business travel, there are factors to consider when selecting a place. These are availability and frequency of flights, complete amenities like venues, accommodations, emergency facilities, and restaurants, communication and connectivity, cost, and safety and convenience of travellers.

Travel experts, publications, media, research groups and business entities have come up with lists of places to go for business trips. They have their respective criteria and reasons for picking their destination choices. We find that there are cities that always make it to such lists, so we’ll narrow down and share with you a few names, representing the various regions around the globe.

Sydney, Australia

Starting in Australia, Sydney is among the top destination choices of business travellers and corporate events groups. The city has a modern convention centre, iconic structures, vast flavours and rich cultural vibe. For those who plan to extend their stay, Sydney is the gateway to many Australian adventures, including national parks and nature trails.


In Asia, Singapore always comes up in the list of business travel destinations. It’s a hub, so there’s plenty of flights to and from this modern city. Progress and development never seem to stop in this tiny country. There are world-class hotels and amenities, a mix of cultures, and it’s easy to get around. English is also widely spoken here, which makes it easier for travellers to transact their business.

Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China

China is gaining more and more popularity for business travellers. Hong Kong always make it to the lists, especially that many companies have their regional offices in this city. Hong Kong has it all, with its spectacular views and delectable cuisines. It is also a shopper’s haven, ranging from luxurious brands to great buys. Shenzhen is a pleasant addition, although it is not much of a surprise because of its proximity to Hong Kong. It’s a cheaper alternative to Hong Kong, and the city is innovating, drawing businesses to its fold.

Orlando and Miami, Florida, USA

Although New York and California are popular among travellers, whether it’s for business or leisure, Florida is also gaining ground because of its weather and location. Miami, for one, is favoured because of its beaches. It has thousands of hotel rooms that could accommodate large delegations. Orlando, on the other hand, is regarded as one of the US cities that are best equipped to host business events and provide efficient business travel experiences.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto is the biggest Canadian city, which is home to various offices and financial services. Travellers who come here primarily for business can also enjoy some shopping time. Other than that, there are plenty of attractions activities in Toronto, including taking a ferry ride at Lake Ontario.

London, UK

The British capital is also one of the leading financial centres in the world, which is why businesspeople from all over the world would find their way to London. Many top multinationals have offices here, which makes it even more attractive for businesses to hold their meetings and transactions in London. An additional factor is its colourful history and culture.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If you plan to conduct some business travel in South America, Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro is gaining attention because of its growing economy. More than that, its beaches, energy, culture and tourist spots, such as the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, have been attracting travellers from different parts of the world.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico’s Aztec civilisation and fascinating past have drawn travellers to its capital, Mexico City. Manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, consumer products and financial services are industries that are thriving in this city. Business travellers can enjoy more of Mexico after their business meetings because of the many attractions and activities that could interest them.

Although business travel is done primarily to enhance your venture and professional capacity, places that have a local charm can also lure corporates and entrepreneurs to their borders. Business people can also learn an insight or two from these populous cities on the dynamics of culture and market behaviour as they blend in with the locals. As a bonus, they get to take a bit of a break and enjoy the sights and experience the vibe of the places they visit.