Hiking towards business success

There are many parallelisms to the entrepreneurial journey, and we can draw lessons from various activities which we can apply to the business space. We don’t have to look far because the great outdoors is a rich resource of business insights. Bringing your venture to success is like hiking uphill to the peak. While climbing a mountain sounds exciting, it is full of challenges and risks, although the results can be extremely rewarding.


If you are planning to go for a hike or start a business, there are a few things to bear in mind before you set out. Even if you have been doing either one of these or both for quite some time, you can still refresh your perspective with a few reminders.

1.) Research is paramount

Before you embark on any hiking adventure, gather as much information as possible on the trails, the elevation, the weather, the preparations needed, and other details that will be helpful to you.

If you are starting a business, launching a new product or campaign, or coming up with an initiative, collect the data that can aid you in setting your objectives, strategies, plans and budget. Research is important to help you steer your business on the right path.

2.) Decide on the trail, distance and time

Once you know your options, choose a trail that can match your fitness level. If it is your first hike, opt for a shorter distance and an elevation that you can manage to scale. Determine the time you will allocate for the climb.

Decision-making is a key factor in entrepreneurship. You have to set your vision and goals, which includes your timeline on when you want to achieve these things, early on. Having a target in mind will guide you in making decisions, big or small.

3.) Study the terrain and directions

Do you know how to read maps? It’s time you familiarise yourself on how to understand maps and use a compass. Know the terrain of the place you are hiking so that you can better prepare for it.

In business, you have to understand your industry and market so that you can navigate your way to success. When you know your competitors, stakeholders, prospects, and other players in the industry, you can also define the direction that your business will be taking.

4.) Create a checklist

A checklist of what you need to do and bring can help you in your preparation for the actual hike. It keeps things organised, allowing you to focus on more important matters.

When you have big goals for your enterprise, it is beneficial to narrow them down into smaller goals and monthly, weekly and daily checklists. You don’t want to miss anything, as you want to cover everything when you are running a business.

5.) Get in shape

Hiking is a physical activity. Thus, exercise is necessary to prepare your mind and body for the challenge ahead. There will be difficulties, so you have to eat the right kind and amount of food.

You will find that learning about finances, marketing, sales, human resource and various aspects of the business is useful to the entrepreneurial journey. Similar to hiking, you have to stay healthy, both in mind and body, to lead your business to success.

6.) Pack the essentials

A first aid kit, food, and emergency items are some of the things necessary to bring when you go on a hike. But you have to pack only the weight that you can carry on your back. Otherwise, you will end up with a heavy load that will become more of a burden than an asset to your activity. Your checklist will help you determine which ones to prioritise.

With so many things happening inside, around and outside your business, you have to filter through all the noise and focus on what is important to your business.

7.) Gear up

Wear the right shoes that can sustain you throughout the hike. Layer your clothes and choose those that you can use in the changing weather. Make sure they are comfortable enough and can protect you from the harsh conditions on the trail.

Put up some security measures and safety nets for your business. You’ll never know what may happen to the economy, market or your operations. It’s good to think of the worst and do the best that you can so that you can achieve your goals.

8.) Find a hiking group or hiking partner

Hiking alone is not only lonesome but also susceptible to many dangers. While there is serenity in doing the hike by yourself, it is better to have people with you who can help you along the way. It is also exciting when you do it with a partner or a group.

The business world is a cutthroat environment, especially with the fierce competition where everyone wants to get the bigger piece of the pie. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is advantageous when you navigate through the entrepreneurial waters. Groups like EO Melbourne have become a source of support to many business owners because of the learning events and programs that help members wade through the challenges of running a business.

There are other things to bear in mind when you want to go on a hike or run a business. Get the support of your family or friends by sharing your plans with them. Observe proper etiquette and respect others, whether you’re on the trail or the entrepreneurial journey. When things get tough, take a break and adjust your pace. Remember that in hiking and business, you are racing against yourself. You can set your targets based on your capabilities and determination. Push yourself but don’t go over the limit.

All set? Gear up, go after your dreams and reach for the top.