10 fun activities for team-building

Taking time off from one’s busy schedule is a welcome respite for every person – business owners and staff members alike. Apart from vacation and annual leaves, a good way to break free from the confines of workspaces and work routines is to have team-building activities where the entire team can have fun together. The beginning of the year is the best time for some pep rally to set the tone for your internal environs.


Whether it is your annual planning or team-building session or a weekend getaway or an after-office bonding activity, doing something out of the usual work that you can enjoy as a group keeps a healthy business atmosphere. As they say, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” When things go dull around the workplace, it can pose a problem to the business as well.

Team-building activities bring great benefits to a company, no matter the size of the business. The change of environment, especially when you hold it somewhere conducive, and the intention of nurturing your team provide positive reinforcement to your staff. These sessions can motivate individual members of your group and engage them in your business on a deeper level. The activities can also enhance their creativity, leadership and problem-solving skills. They also strengthen the communication between members as well as build trust, confidence and teamwork among them. Most of all, it is a time for them to enjoy each other’s presence. In the end, it will increase their productivity, which can bring good to everyone.

If you plan to hold this annually, it would be good to come up with some exciting exercises for them. Below are ten games and activities that can make your team-building extra fun and enjoyable.

1.) Telephone charades

It’s a great icebreaker where, in each team, a person acts a charade for the next person in the line without the others watching. The second person then passes on the charade to the next until it reaches the last person who will guess the word or phrase. Not only will this generate lots of laughs but it will also tap into the creativity of each member and establish rapport among them.

2.) What’s my name?

Members will have a tag on their backs indicating a famous person, a profession or a type of person that they have to guess. Everyone will go around to ask questions, preferably answerable by yes or no, and observe how others treat them to get clues on the word written on their backs. This exercise can help determine stereotypes and allow members to interact with each other.

3.) Jigsaw puzzle contest

Let teams complete a jigsaw puzzle where the fastest one will be declared the winner. You can also modify this activity, such as hide certain pieces, set challenges to obtain the last piece or mix some pieces with the other teams so that they negotiate and exchange. Here, you will see the dynamics of the teams, which ones are good at leading, negotiating, and problem-solving.

4.) Survival game

You can set a scenario for this game, such as being stranded on an island or lost in the wilderness. Teams can choose ten objects they will bring to survive. It can be a pen-and-pencil activity or actual items in a box. Each team will then rank the items and justify the rank. You can even ask the teams to build or create something out of the items they have. It’s a decision-making and creativity exercise for everyone.

5.) Helium stick game

You can involve the entire team where members line up facing each other with their index fingers extended in front. Place the helium stick over their index fingers. They bring down the stick, which must remain in contact with all the extended fingers at all times. Otherwise, they have to start all over again. It’s a fun game of patience and teamwork.

6.) Escape room

Escape room games are gaining popularity, especially for team-building. Members are locked in a room and must solve a mystery or challenge within the allotted time for them to escape the room, or else, they will suffer the consequence. The situation will allow members to exhibit their capabilities in negotiating and solving problems.

7.) Scavenger hunt

What makes this activity fun is that members can do this around the neighbourhood or outside the venue. Teams are assigned to find or do a particular scene and take photos of the assignments on the list. You can take this further by requiring them to come up with a slideshow or movie of the photos they have taken. It will bring out the creative side of your members.

8.) Minefield

Divide the participants into pairs or small groups where they choose a member to be blindfolded. This member will go through obstacles and must avoid mines until they reach the end of the course. Teammates can only shout their instructions to guide the blindfolded member. Learn how different individuals issue orders and carry them out.

9.) Cook-off

Another fun way to strengthen the bond of your staff is to do practical activities, such as cooking. You can implement this in different ways. Some do this as a relay where only one team member can perform a particular task one at a time. Afterwards, you can dine together and enjoy the dishes your staff has prepared.

10.) Community service or volunteer work

Doing community service or volunteer work is an activity that your members can do together and find fulfilment. Let them do the planning, preparation and implementation, including choosing the service and the organisation that will benefit from this activity.

Having a strong, dynamic team is a vital pillar in keeping your business formidable. Infuse the fun aspect in your corporate environment and nurture your corporate culture with your company values. Always build your team up to drive them forward to your goals.