Industries where startups thrive

More and more startups are on the rise, and there are industries where new businesses thrive. Such industries provide an environment that allows recent players room for growth and opportunities. Emerging industries set the stage for fresh ideas and concepts while established ones experience a changing landscape through disruptive technology.


If you want to start a business or enter a new playing field, you can take a look into these markets which may open doors for you and lead you to success. It would also be a good topic to discuss and explore with other entrepreneurs and business groups like EO Melbourne on how they foresee the future of ventures within these business spheres.

Green and renewable energy

The increasing concern on environmental issues has paved the way for businesses to provide solutions to ecological problems. People are taking into consideration other sources of energy that are less harmful to the planet. Companies and individuals are becoming more conscious of redefining their methods to ease the pollution, reduce carbon footprint and address global warming and climate change. From the use of solar energy to the implementation of paperless transactions, there is a lot of potential for startups in this arena.

Artificial intelligence

It used to be a distant dream for societies to one day do things with a snap of a finger. Now, it has become more of a reality with the use of artificial intelligence. New products, equipment and processes that use the AI technology are on the rise, although still in the infancy stage, which leaves more space for several players to shape and develop this industry.

Education and online learning

In today’s world, learning goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. It now transcends time and distance through educational software and online materials. Whether it’s early education or a professional course, there are plenty of choices where you can improve your knowledge within a chosen field. Even individual experts have come up with online programs and training sessions to improve one’s capability.

Video and mobile games

With the advent of smartphones and gadgets, gaming has become more accessible to everyone. Gamers prefer to play a variety of games, and they range across various age brackets, locations and demographics. There are new games developed every month, and several companies have joined the bandwagon of creating video and mobile game apps that continually delight consumers.

Health, beauty and wellness

Today’s fast-paced and stressful lifestyle brought people to become conscious of their health, wellness and beauty. Although this is not a new industry, more startups are entering the scene that disrupts the current mindset and trends. Wellness services and applications, health centres, and ethical practices are making waves globally, creating a different approach to taking care of one’s body.

Mobile Food

Food is one of the basic needs of human beings. But this age-old industry has been transforming over the years because of the changing lifestyle, preferences and eating habits of people. Businesses that venture in the mobile food industry flourish, especially when times are financially challenging for consumers. Street food is always a mainstay for locals and travellers in cities all over the world, which is why there are always newbies that enter the scene.

There are several other industries where startups are seen to be on the upsurge. As our societies evolve and more needs and challenges are faced, there will be an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to join the business world. Also, we constantly experience progress, transformation and disruption, which may be both a threat and an opportunity to existing and upcoming enterprises. Nevertheless, keep your eyes open and be ready for doors that may open up in the future that may lead you to achieve your goals and become a successful entrepreneur.