What you get out of joining business associations

If you are a new entrepreneur or have kept to yourself all these years, it’s probably time to go out of your comfort zone, huddle with other entrepreneurs and consider joining business organisations. There are pros and cons to becoming part of a group. Membership may entail investing your time, talent and treasure into the group, but the rewards can be tremendous if you use it to your full advantage.


The value you receive from a membership of a business association can benefit your business and personal growth. There are even business owners that found a second home in groups like EO Melbourne. Not only have they surrounded themselves with like-minded individuals but they also come to establish good relations with them. It is necessary that you carefully choose which groups to join that can match your needs, background and commitment level.

Taking the entrepreneurial journey means entering into space where you don’t exist in a bubble. Everything is interrelated. The journey is also full of challenges. Thus, you need a support system that can help you carry through the difficulties and bring you closer to your goal at an accelerated growth. Once you join one, you will realise the rewards you get out of it.

1.) Networking

To run a business, you need staff, suppliers, contractors, consultants, partners, third-party agencies, customers and clients. Many players are needed to enable your venture to run at full speed. Joining business associations can introduce you to different kinds of people who can help you directly or indirectly. Some may even be your competitors, but it’s still advantageous to establish good relations with them. More than anything else, business groups can improve your social skills and help you adjust to the business world, especially if you are in a cutthroat industry.

2.) Added opportunities and knowledge

Business groups can open floodgates of opportunities for you and your company. Learning events, seminars, training sessions and workshops may be available to members only, one that you cannot get into if you are not part of the organisation. You can also avail various resources and materials that may not be accessible to the general public. Interacting with other members can also allow you to gain insights from them, listen to their stories and take their lessons with you on your journey.

3.) Brand image

Other entrepreneurs join groups to boost the image of their brand or company. A prestigious business group can add brand value to your enterprise. It increases your credibility because being part of such an organisation ensures your clients and customers that you go through a regular review process by your peers. It’s also a symbiotic relationship where the organisation also generates a positive image from the integrity of its members and vice versa.

4.) Cooperation and common voice

As a business owner, there are several concerns and issues that only fellow entrepreneurs can understand. There may be situations where you have to take a collective stand within your industry or the business space, in general. Certain problems may not be resolved by yourself alone. But through concerted effort, you will have a common voice that will be heard by more people.

5.) Build relationships with other entrepreneurs

You experience business and personal growth in joining business associations because of friendship and mutual trust your form with other members of the group. The good thing is that you sometimes find a mentor in this setting. As you go on with your journey, you also develop to become a mentor to others. Since it’s a give-and-take relationship, you develop a bond beyond business.

There may be several business associations in your area. List them down and conduct some research on the group where your interest lies. Inquire from their secretariats, talk with members of the groups and know the activities and requirements of the organisations. Once you have chosen the right association for you, send in your application. Moreover, if you are accepted to be a member, don’t forget to have fun, learn from the members and enjoy the experience.