Kinds of entrepreneurs from tea varieties

Tea drinking has been part of both Western and Eastern cultures for many centuries now. Drinking tea has become a form of social interaction in certain societies, while it is considered a formal ceremony in other countries. With all the traditional and modern tea beverages in the world, it’s time to take a closer look at the tea varieties and how they can correspond to a certain type of entrepreneur.


There are true teas, and there are also herbal infusions and herbal teas or tisanes, which are usually mixed with dried fruits, herbs or flowers. For now, we will focus on the true teas which come from the tea plant Camellia sinensis. Each true tea is processed differently, producing various flavours and aromas. Which type of tea do you prefer, and which kind of entrepreneur do you think you can relate the most?

Black tea

It is the strongest and richest in flavour because it went through the whole process of oxidation. Due to this, it can retain its flavour for so many years. The leaves are withered and rolled and oxidized until they turn black. The black tea is the most popular kind. It has the highest caffeine content compared with other types of tea.

In a business sense, one can say that the entrepreneur who has gone through so many challenges and experiences is a black tea. Hardships and difficulties have strengthened them over time. Now, they can face any trial with determination, and many look up to them as a mentor or a source of inspiration.

Oolong tea

What is known as the “black dragon” tea, the Oolong tea has been withered under the strong sun. Its leaves are rolled, curled and twisted and went through partial oxidation, somewhere between black tea and green tea. It has a variety of flavours, from fresh flowers or fruity savour to a smoky, woody or nutty taste.

Oolong can correspond to business owners that have years of experience and with the versatility and flexibility to adapt to any given situation. They may be not as seasoned as the black tea, but they have their unique strength that can draw clients and other entrepreneurs to their charm.

Pu’er tea

Some have found this dark tea mysterious, but its process is straightforward, although complicated. It goes through the oxidation process and then fermented and dried. Then it is pressed into different shapes and sizes. You can taste its earthy essence but without any bitterness.

Entrepreneurs can be like Pu’er tea when they come with strong characteristics. They may be easily provoked and can be a bit complex, but if you get to their good side, you will find that they can be pleasant and genial. They work well under pressure and show improvement as time goes by, carrying with them lessons from their entrepreneurial experiences.

Green tea

Green tea has a grassy to sweet flavour with less caffeine. It is slightly withered after harvested, and oxidation is cut short through pan-firing and steaming. Green tea is popular in many Asian countries because of its antioxidant content. One particular widespread type of green tea is the matcha, which is a powdered non-oxidized tea.

Business people that exhibit the qualities of a green tea are those that have the ability to learn and apply so many things in a short time. They are easy to work with and may have many great ideas. Engaging with them is like dealing with a verdant field of creativity.

Yellow tea

The process with yellow tea is the same as with green tea, except that the leaves have a slower drying period. Another step is added, which is encasing or steaming the tea. With that, it has a mellow taste without the grassiness of the green tea.

There may be entrepreneurs that take their time learning the ropes of their business and industry as they start out in their journey. They take extra care to ensure that every step is well calculated and every penny spent produces good results.

White tea

White tea is the closest to the natural state of the tea plant. It has a light and subtle taste with natural sweetness. White tea comes from the youngest shoots that are the delicate buds of the plant. No oxidation process is done, and it is the least processed of all the true teas. It contains the highest content of antioxidants.

It can be likened to startup entrepreneurs that are still full of excitement and awe. They may still carry with them their ideals as they are not yet jaded by the harsh realities of the business world. On a positive note, it is good to engage with them because they are full of passion and energy to try various things, which is why they usually make inroads as they are not afraid to take the risk.

Next time you share a cup of tea with a team member, colleague, friend or family, think of how you are as an entrepreneur and the potential you can create for your business. A sip of a refreshing tea might spark an idea within you that may open doors to something huge.