Surfing the entrepreneurial waves

Surfing is not for the faint-hearted, and so is the entrepreneurial journey. It takes skills, practice, determination and passion to ride the waves of tribulations. One can brave the perils of surfing or entrepreneurship through persistence because perseverance is necessary to achieve the needed to accomplish.


However, one has to know the basics of surfing to get it right. From this kind of discipline, we can draw out the lessons and apply them to the entrepreneurial journey.

Before jumping on your surfboard and heading to the sea, there are a few things that should be noted down. It is imperative that you brush up on your swimming skills first. Equip yourself with the right gear and get a good instructor if you’re a beginner. Don’t go out there all by yourself. It’s the same when you wade through the entrepreneurial waters. You have to learn the ropes of running a business and arm yourself with the right tools and skills. Here are a few more reminders as you prepare yourself for the sea and the business world.

Warm-up and practice on land

Stretch those muscles. Practice your moves. Exercise first and prepare your body for the harsh conditions of the sea. In business, familiarise yourself with the various aspects of managing an enterprise. Do an internship, work in other companies or gather some skills and experience that you can later use in your venture.

Listen and follow instructions

Pay close attention to your instructor. Make sure you remember the safety precautions and surfing etiquette. Interact with other surfers and learn from the more experienced ones. Watch carefully how others surf so you can gain more tips and insights. When you start on your entrepreneurial journey, it is helpful to have a business mentor who can guide you. Be part of a business group like EO where you can meet like-minded individuals and learn from their experiences.

Choose a good spot, start small and finish big

Scan the area before you surf. Choose a spot for beginners that is not crowded where you can move freely. Start with waves that are not too huge for your limited skills. As a businessman, acquaint yourself with the industry, which includes your competitors, stakeholders, target market and various players in the area where you want to establish your enterprise. Operate first on a manageable quantity or magnitude, then work your way towards bigger things.

Paddle hard

When the waves are coming, paddle hard and go with the force. As much as in surfing, many businesses succeed because of the hard work that is put into the endeavour. Devote yourself to improving yourself and your venture. Invest resources, time and effort in bringing every milestone a notch higher until you get to achieve your goals.

Be quick to rise and stand

The key in surfing, whether you are waiting for the right moment or recovering from a fall, is the swiftness to rise and stand. Be quick to capture the coming wave or bounce back. Don’t be intimidated by a few failures, both in surfing and entrepreneurship. Watch out for great opportunities, and do not hesitate to take advantage of them to move your business forward and enable your brand to make a mark. Better yet, create opportunities that can accelerate your growth and bring your business closer to your target.

Bend your knees and keep your balance

Balance is crucial in riding the waves longer. Bend your knees so you can easily adjust your weight. Always keep a balance in your entrepreneurial journey for you to survive and sustain your accomplishments. Listen to your body, the people around you and the market you serve. Bending one’s knees also signifies readiness, humility and action. Be swift to respond to your customer’s feedback and serve their needs.

If you believe you already have the skills and the courage to go into the deep, do not hesitate and just take the plunge. It’s good to start sooner than later, whether in surfing the sea or building your business. You’ll never be fully prepared unless you find yourself in the spot where you need to put your learnings into good practice. When the wave comes and you are able to ride through the challenges, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the fruits of your success. So, get ready! Surf’s up!