The importance of sleep to entrepreneurs

One of the things that most entrepreneurs give up whenever they enter the business world is sleep. Late nights and early mornings are devoted to checking e-mails and worrying over several business matters. Entrepreneurs have too many tasks and responsibilities that they have to sacrifice slumber so that they can bring their venture towards its goal. However, the amount of sleep lost is never a measure of success. It’s time to break that chain of thought and shift on the need for entrepreneurs to value sleep.


Sleep is a natural state of our mind and body where our physiological make-up goes into processes that restore our body systems. Studies show that normal adults need around 7 to 9 hours of sleep. There are instances when you don’t get enough forty winks, and you still feel fine. But when it becomes a habit or recurring event, your body will feel the ill effects of not snoozing the way it is supposed to do.

What happens when you are sleep-deprived?

Too much stress and anxiety at work can affect your body’s performance. Some of the ill effects are insomnia or sleep disorders. For many entrepreneurs, sleep is a luxury that they cannot enjoy very often, which can later become a cause for worry.

Having an ongoing or prolonged case of sleep deficiency can lead to serious health problems. It can weaken the immune system and cause cardiovascular diseases. When you have stayed awake for long hours and denied your body of slumber, it may result in low concentration levels, weak judgment and poor creativity. There is even the danger of accidents when you drive or losing your balance when you walk. Inadequate sleep may distort your mood, leading to irritability and crankiness, which may unsettle work conditions in your business.

Why the need for good sleep?

Getting enough rest is not only based on the number of hours you spend shutting your eyes. It is also about how deep the slumber that your mind and body were able to achieve. Sleep reconditions the vital organs of your body and processes your immune system and memory bank. A healthy dose of sleep can help you become more productive and creative because your brain had a well-deserved break from the rigorous functions it does all day long. Good sleep can clear your mind and focus, which are needed when you conceptualise, strategise, compute, analyse and make decisions.

How do you achieve quality sleep?

Managing your time and disciplining your mind are key tools to attaining quality sleep. However, it is easier said than done. You can consider a few tips below on how you can gradually bring snoozing into your daily routine.

  • Create daily checklists and routine. One of the main reasons entrepreneurs stay up late is because of the endless things to do and the feeling of not achieving anything. But if you break them down day-by-day and put order into your routine, you can insert enough sleep into your schedule. A checklist can help you organise your timeline as well as give you a concrete way of seeing your daily achievements. Allow time to check your emails and browse your phone, then take a break from it at night.

  • Listen to your body. If your body feels tired, don’t push it to the limit. Some entrepreneurs are attuned to power naps, while others prefer continuous sleep of 6 to 9 hours. Adjust your routine according to your need.

  • Meditate. You can do yoga, breathing exercises, prayer, or a quiet activity that can calm your mind and body. Listen to soft music or nature’s sound as you do this. Read books, if you like. It can slow down the processes in your brain and induce drowsiness.

  • Exercise. Allow your body to sweat. Jog, run, hike or do some vigorous exercises that will help you stretch your muscles. Not only is this healthy, but it can also improve your sleeping patterns as the body responds to exercise in a way that encourages rest. 

  • Watch your food intake. Consuming caffeine and food with similar ingredients can affect your body because they can keep you awake for a longer time. Avoid this kind of drinks, take in healthy nourishment and have your meals according to schedule. Watch your food and beverage intake, especially at night, and opt for sustenance that promotes sleep.

  • Get a massage and apply essential oils. Allow your body to relax through massage or aromatherapy. It can relieve you with stress and help you doze off at night.

  • Maintain a good sleeping environment. Make your bed and bedroom clean and orderly so that it can induce drowsiness and promote a good night’s sleep. Choose pillows and beddings that will make lying down relaxing.

Now, it’s time to relax and get into good sleeping habits for a healthier you, which can lead to a healthier business. If sleep is too scant for you, consult with a physician or sleep expert. Remember that as an entrepreneur, your mood and physical well-being is instrumental in pushing the venture forward. Take good care of yourself so that you can better care for your team and the enterprise you have built.