12 YouTube channels for entrepreneurs

One of the great resources of information for entrepreneurs is YouTube. There are plenty of things that can be found in this platform, varying from several genres and interests. To help you find amazing content, we have listed down 12 YouTube channels that you can follow and watch their videos that are rich in insights and learnings.



This channel brings you talks from various experts and remarkable ideas during the TED conferences straight to your computer and smartphone screens. You can pick up the lessons from business leaders and bring them to your enterprise.

Gary Vaynerchuk

As chairman of media and communications company VaynerX, Gary Vaynerchuk, known as Gary Vee, shares his life as an entrepreneur and his thoughts on business through his YouTube channel. You can also watch his keynote speeches, pod sessions, advice, interviews and even rants through the various videos posted on this platform.

Behind The Brand

Bryan Elliot takes us to how things happen behind the brands we know. Hear the stories of entrepreneurs, innovators, celebrities, athletes and artists as they talk about how they brought their brands to success.

Marie Forleo

Describing herself as a “Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur”, Marie Forleo came up with her online show, MarieTV, which is recognised by many award-giving bodies. She also has training programs and books to help her audience succeed in life and business. Her YouTube channel features her interviews with various personalities as they share their lessons, tips and ideas.

Pat Flynn

Learn from the many things Pat Flynn did to create passive income after he got laid off in 2008. He experimented on several initiatives, and he shares his experiences through his YouTube channel. He tackles topics about how to make money online and features other interesting discussions.

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy specialises in the training and development of organisations and individuals. As the man behind the best-selling books Maximum Achievement Goal Planner, Speak to Win and Eat That Frog, Brian fills his channel with step-by-step guides, tips and recommendations, and other insights that are helpful to one’s entrepreneurial journey.


If you want to think big and fight mediocrity, browse through this channel that captures the audience not only for its rich content but also for its interesting presentation. The videos are animated sketches of lessons from self-help and development books that make them easy to digest and understand.


Moz is known for its website analytics, such as domain and page authorities of sites and SEO. Over the years, Moz has produced software and marketing products that help boost online presence. Because the internet is a complicated web, Moz has come up with a YouTube channel that enables businesses and individuals to understand the various concepts of the cyber world and how to navigate their way towards a successful online marketing campaign.

Business Insider

Business and financial news site Business Insider brings some of its stories into a video format curated in their YouTube channel. Watch short features on businesses and brands, interesting information about products and thought-provoking stories of personalities.

Startup Grind

This community of startups has come up with monthly events that help educate and support entrepreneurs. To cater to its community worldwide, they brought the content of their Global Conference to their YouTube channel that others can watch and learn some business lessons.

Y Combinator

Helping out startups is at the core of Y Combinator. They provide seed funding for new businesses. Apart from financial support, they also plant ideas to help ventures grow. They’re even sharing wonderful stories and learnings through their YouTube videos.

Prosperity TV

Critical thinker Randy Gage wants to inspire people and help transform their lives. He believes that everyone is born rich, so he hopes to create a prosperity mindset in others through his books, speeches and videos. In his YouTube channel, he touches on various topics that can motivate people to aim and work towards success.

Sometimes, you may not have the time to attend all the talks and conferences even when there are great speakers in the line-up. But thanks to video sharing sites like YouTube, you can watch and replay these talks and interviews and make them your guide to your entrepreneurial journey.

However, if you prefer getting help from other entrepreneurs through face-to-face engagement, you can hear their stories through learning events and forums in groups like EO Melbourne. You can complement the learnings you get from YouTube channels and other resources with those you acquire from like-minded individuals around you. Bring these lessons together and map out your entrepreneurial journey towards achieving your goals.