Finding ideas for creative marketing

There are times that your marketing ideas hit a slump when your brand appears ordinary and your activities become a routine. It’s always good to put variety in your marketing strategies. You can brainstorm with your team to get various insights, but you still need to widen your horizon to find inspiration from things within and outside your workplace.


The question is: where do you start?

Inspiration can strike anytime and anywhere. All you have to do is open your senses and allow your imagination to take you further. However, if you have a timeline to follow and you are pressed to deliver something, you can get ideas from the sources below.


The world wide web is a rich repository of concepts and information. You can search for a particular topic, read websites and blogs, browse social media networks, watch online videos or listen to podcasts. Discover new things by going through these platforms where you can come up with new thoughts that may fit perfectly with your brand.

Commercial Centres

Go to where the crowd goes and observe what draws them together. Attend events and check out shop interiors. See how consumers react to brands and marketing campaigns. Actual situations can help you formulate marketing concepts that you can bring full-scale to your venture.

Traditional media and resources

Don’t discount books, magazines, newspapers, TV and radio as they still hold great value when it comes to knowledge and viewpoints. Revisit old ones because they are a treasure trove of concepts that you can modify to modern settings.

Surveys and interviews

If you want data as your reference to your marketing ideas, surveys, focused group discussions and interviews are the best way to go so you can customise your campaigns according to the preferences of your target market. Market research is a big help when you plot your marketing plans because you can align the data you’ve gathered in every aspect of the business.

Business groups and conferences

Another avenue that can help you generate ideas in marketing your enterprise is by interacting with other entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals. Joining groups like EO Melbourne, attending learning events and participating in conferences will enable you to listen to their stories and encourage you to craft your own while taking into consideration the lessons from their journeys. You can also throw in your thoughts and test how they are well-received by your peers.

Neighbourhood, family and friends

Walk around your area. Talk to people. Look at your surroundings. Meet with your friends. Listen to family members. Big ideas often come from small things. You can also find marketing gaps just by consulting with your family and friends. Create something new that you can get out of day-to-day slices of life.

If you think you need to inject new things to your brand to re-introduce it to your existing clientele or launch to prospective customers, there are plenty of ways to do it. Keep your eyes, ears and mind open to various ideas that can boost your business and take you closer to your goals.