10 items you may find on an entrepreneur’s desk

There are studies conducted that one’s workspace or office desk reflect the personality of the person behind the desk. Entrepreneurs have different styles of running their businesses, and they may have varying methods on how to dress up their work tables. It may sometimes depend on the layout, design and culture of your office, but you can inject a few things that will leave your mark on your territory.


Some may adopt a minimalist design, while others would prefer to fill their offices with items that can stimulate their thoughts and creativity. Nonetheless, no matter what kind of personality you have and despite your preferences on the upkeep your workstation, you will see the following items on the desk of some business owners. You might also find a few of them useful or handy to have on your table.

1.) Computer

In this day and age where technology allows things to happen at a snap of your fingers, a computer is a necessity at work, regardless of the industry you belong. Entrepreneurs need computers to get into the various systems within their businesses. They have to use it to read emails, send out messages, check files, create presentations, review financial records, and browse the web.

2.) Phone

Whether it’s a landline or a smartphone, customers look for a number that they can contact for various reasons. Having a phone on your desk means you are accessible to your team, partners, clients and suppliers. With many smartphone apps, it also becomes the extension of your computer and your office, especially when you are always on the go.

3.) Pen

Even when most people record things on their computer, tablet or smartphone, a pen will never go out of style. It is important when jotting down notes or signing vital documents. Having one on hand is useful when you suddenly want to put your thoughts on ink. Others incorporate it as a decorative piece on their desk.

4.) Notepad/Paper

Nowadays, many companies are going paperless. But you’ll still need paper to scribble and put your thoughts into something tangible. Maybe you want to leave a note to your team or put a reminder on your desk for yourself or label your files. Nonetheless, having a notepad or notebook where you can write down important things always come handy.

5.) Calendar/Planner

The best way to stay organised is to have a checklist of things to be done for the day or week. You also have to keep tabs of things that will be happening that is crucial to your company’s operations. A calendar or planner is where you put important updates and reminders to help you plan and execute.

6.) Clock

Time is of the essence. While your computer or your phone may have a built-in clock, there is a charm of having a table clock placed on your desk. When things get too busy, it will help you keep track of time and remind you of the next thing to do, including taking a break or having a breather from all the flurry of things.

7.) Mug

Sitting and working in your workstation all day can often be tiring. You need to hydrate yourself with a glass of water or a cup of coffee. Having one nearby reminds you to refresh yourself throughout the day.

8.) Books

As you nourish your body, you also have to nourish your mind. Books that can give you new insights and ideas are helpful in providing more knowledge to improve and develop yourself and your business.

9.) Memorabilia/Photos

Others say that the fewer things you have on your desk, the more productive you become. However, the more you personalise your work area, the more empowered you feel. Given that, it is always nice to have something that can inspire you and make you smile. It can be a photo of a loved one, a trophy of your last achievement, or a picture of your ideal place.

10.) Plants

Plants produce oxygen that you need so you can breathe and relax. They have a soothing effect to the environs, and it can help relieve you of the stress you may feel at work.

Entrepreneurs spend several hours a day on their workstation. It is helpful that your desk and whatever are on it correspond to your work style. Make your working space comfortable enough so that you spend your day happy, motivated and productive.