Holiday gift ideas for clients

The holiday breeze is just around the corner. Christmas reunions, year-end parties, decorating and gift-giving will once again fill our calendars. As a business owner, this is the perfect time to show appreciation to people who have helped us throughout the year. It is the season to renew ties and strengthen bonds.


A good gesture to thank, greet or appreciate someone, especially a client, is through giving them with something that will remind them of the friendship or relationship they have with you. But with so many people to thank who have varying interests, gift-giving can be a tedious task. To simplify, here are some steps you can take before you choose the right item to give to those on your list.

1.) Create a list

First, list down the people you want to give gifts this year. Categorise them into groups, such as staff, suppliers, clients or VIP customers. They can also be your prospects, friends in the business, or peers from your business organisation, like EO Melbourne. It’s easy to check if you missed someone on the list when you arrange the names in groups.

2.) Set a budget

To avoid overspending, set a budget for the different groups or categories. You will have an idea of how much you need to set aside for gifts if you have a list and a budget. It will also help you choose the right items to give when you have a price range in mind.

3.) Know their needs and wants

Some people are fed up receiving socks or generic gifts. You have to put a lot of thought on the things that interest them or items that they would find useful. Let your gift express your sincerity to the person, especially if it’s a client. Don’t make it too commercial as it might lessen the value of giving.

Now, once you have done those things, it’s time to do your shopping. Here are items that you can consider as gifts to your clients or business friends that could make their holiday season a meaningful and memorable one.

Office items

Most people spend a lot of time at work. Thus, it is always smart to bestow people with presents that they can use in their office. Some of these objects can be:

  • personalised pen set

  • terrarium for office plants

  • coffee table book

  • notebook

  • Kindle

  • coffee-making set

  • miniature zen garden

  • noise cancelling headphones

  • square card reader

  • portable scanner

Home pieces

Business people also want to have restful moments at home. They want their abodes to have a comfy and clean ambience. Gift suggestions for the home are:

  • tea set

  • gift basket

  • bluetooth speaker

  • portable vacuum cleaner

  • sleep tracker

  • air purifier

  • lamp

  • smoker grill

  • eye mask

  • electrically heated foot warmer

Travel stuff or for those on the go

Travelling is one of the favourite activities of busy people, whether it’s for business or pleasure. If your clients are always on the go or they love to travel, these items will suit their taste:

  • wireless phone charger

  • handy camera

  • tripod

  • laptop bag

  • backpack or suitcase

  • sunglasses

  • universal travel adapter

  • travel pillow

  • power wallet

  • compact wide-angle lens for smartphones

Wellness elements

People nowadays are putting a more conscious effort in taking care of their body. Your clients do not need to be active in sports or any fitness-related activities for them to receive the following gifts:

  • hydro flask

  • incense kit

  • activity tracker

  • spa treatment

  • balance ball

  • essential oils

  • yoga mat

  • ergonomic pillow

  • essential crystals

  • scented candles

Objects for their hobbies

Your client may be sporty, a collector, or outdoor lover. There are plenty of gift ideas depending on his or her interest. These are just a few examples of objects related to some hobbies that may delight your business friends:

  • personalised golf balls

  • luxury watch

  • portable cooler for fishing and camping

  • garden set

  • toolkit

  • business book

  • online classes

  • beer brewing kit

  • apron with embroidered messages

  • baseball cap

When you give these presents, don’t forget to have a handwritten note attached to it. As they say, it’s the thought that counts, so make your message warm the hearts of your recipients so that they remember you through your gift. Making them smile is the greatest affirmation that they appreciate your deed. So, enjoy shopping and have a happy holiday season!