Online games that promote entrepreneurship

Not many may understand the state of most business owners unless they experience the entrepreneurial journey themselves. But with the onset of technology, people of different ages and from all walks of life can have a glimpse of the challenges of the business world through online games. Not only are they fun to play, but they also promote certain skills needed in running a venture.


One, these games enhance the brain to come up with strategies to get to the next level or reach the goal set in the game. Two, playing such games allows one to develop discipline, patience and perseverance, even in a virtual setting. Three, they enable players to make smart decisions, particularly when it comes to taking risks, spending and investing. Lastly, they teach you how to overcome challenges like competition, bankruptcy, recession and disruption in the market and the industry.

Such games are great, especially for newbie business owners. They are also good educational tools for young ones, as well as a refreshing experience for those who have been on the journey for some time. The good thing about modern games nowadays is that they are mobile and downloadable from app stores, so you can enjoy playing them wherever you go. You can choose from a wide selection that is available online, including different types of industries you want to enter, such as food, real estate, shipping, hospitality, retail, and a lot more. Below are a few examples of games you can play that will hone your entrepreneurial skills.

1.) Monopoly GO!

Based on the popular board game, Monopoly GO allows players to buy properties and rent them to their opponents. The goal is to have the most money in the end, so you have to invest your money wisely to avoid bankruptcy.

2.) RollerCoaster Tycoon

Build your dream theme park with various rides and attractions to choose from. Manage your park well, delight your customers with your various offerings, and keep the revenue coming.

3.) Business Tycoon

What’s good with this game is that you can start from a small business, such as a bookstore, and make your way to the top as a business tycoon. Establish several ventures, make them profitable, and earn millions along the way.

4.) Virtual Businessman Luxury Life

Before you can even enjoy the life of a billionaire, you have to build a startup company, set up an office, invest money, and trade and compete in the international market. Through this game, players can learn investment methods to earn a profit that they can splurge on luxuries.

5.) Virtonomics

This business simulation game is like your workshop to entrepreneurship. In this virtual economy, you can establish a fully functional enterprise that you can grow and manage.

6.) Capitalism

Invest your money in the stock market, earn profits from bonds you buy, and grow your finances through real estate. All these you can do in this online world of Capitalism. Watch out for recessions and attacks from the competitors or you might lose your investments and earnings.

7.) Business Inc.

This simulation game is almost realistic where you can hire employees, handle projects, take risks to meet your goals, and build your business empire. You have a business to run, an office to manage, and a reputation to uphold in this virtual world.

8.) Game Dev Story

How does it feel playing a game where you own a game company? Assign and change the profession of your staff, develop a game and bring your business to success. However, there are other important things that entail running a venture like this. Licensing and contracts are part of the whole process, which you can learn by playing this app.

9.) Retail Boss

Keep an inventory of your goods, market your store, watch out for costs and price changes, hire staff, and let your shop grow into a global megastore. It takes a good strategy in choosing the right location and people for your team.

10.) Big Business Deluxe

The city is growing and so must your business. Do everything you can to avoid the red bottom line while you scale your venture for bigger opportunities. It includes expanding your territory, handling challenges, and keeping yourself ahead of the game.

These are other apps you might want to check out, such as Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator, Taps to Riches, Landlord Real Estate, Cash Inc., Trade Island, Money Tree City, Biztopia, Café Management, Adventure Capitalist, Startup CEO Entrepreneur, and Emoji Craft. There are millions of games you can choose in online stores that you can play on your computer or mobile phone. Apart from business-related games and apps, there are other simple games you can play that can take your mind off work, relieve you from stress, and release all your frustrations. Bring the game on!