Forming and keeping the right team for your business

Having the best team for your company is one of the major factors of success that enables you to achieve your business goals. On the other hand, the opposite of this, such as getting the wrong people on your team, has always been cited as one of the biggest challenges and disappointments of business owners. In short, the right set of people plays an important role in bringing your venture to its peak.


The first step is to select the people who will fit in your team, depending on your needs and preferences. However, you can only determine such over a period when you will see the dynamics of the members among each other and to the whole group. Once you have a good set of staff, you need to find ways to nurture them and retain them in your team.

Finding the right fit

The selection process should be able to capture the background of the candidate, including his or her attitude, work ethics and values. You have to ascertain how his personality and skills will be able to complement your company and blend with your current staff members.

Culture and Attitude

Before you start the recruitment, define first your corporate culture and match the attitude you are looking for in an applicant that would fit your work environment. What are the qualities and values of a team member that you want to have in your organisation? It is best to have several face-to-face sessions with your applicants during recruitment so that you can observe how they react and behave and how that will blend in your work culture.

Organisation needs and Skills

How an employee fits your corporate culture matters most. But it is also important that they have the right skills set for their roles in the organisation. If they don’t have the expertise you need, they can at least learn fast and hone the skills needed for the job. Identify those skills in the job description so that you can filter the applicants according to your requirements.

Benefits and Expectations

When you have identified the qualifications you prefer in a candidate, come up with a competitive remuneration package that will attract such a candidate. Know their expectations while you also lay down what you require and can offer for the job.

Nurturing those who fit

Getting the right people on your team is just the first hurdle. The more challenging part is retaining them in your business. Changes occur that may affect their length of stay or tenure. There are internal and external factors that can disrupt the status quo and shake the team you have formed. Business owners come up with initiatives to strengthen its human resources.

Employee Engagement

One way to sustain the interest of your people in your business, you have to engage them and create open communication lines. It also includes providing activities that can help channel their various talents and interests that can benefit them and your organisation.


Recognising the contribution of your team members will boost their morale. You can bestow the recognition formally or informally, as long as you let them know that you appreciate their efforts. Come up with a reward system to motivate them to keep giving their best.

Growth and Development

It is but natural for staff members to look for growth in any given environment. Enhance their skills and allow them to experience and learn new things within your organisation. Provide workshops and training and learning activities that could improve their personality and enable them to attain a holistic development.

Most of all, it is good to establish good relationships with your team. The achievements of your business are not due to one person alone. Even if you have a star player in your team, it is the support of every member of the group that can help you make a score and achieve your goals.