Rafting through the entrepreneurial rapids

It’s a wonder why there are people who put their lives on the line, go through the rigours of the current and raft through the rapids of a wild river. The risk is high, and the rewards are not visible. It is comparable to the entrepreneurial journey. Not many may comprehend the people that take this path, but those who have been on this track fully understand the satisfaction it brings.


The perils of letting the powerful flow of water push you along a maze of huge sharp boulders are extremely high. It’s the same with putting your efforts and resources in establishing and running a business – you can gain so much or lose a lot. Despite the hardships, the whole adventure brings excitement and adrenaline rush. The satisfaction that the end of the surge gives to those who take it is even greater for those who finish it.

Proper mindset, preparation and skills are needed to wade through the challenges that the course of the flow may bring. There are a few pointers that people have to bear in mind as they take the entrepreneurial wild based from the preparation and experience of those who do white water rafting.

Choose the right level

The important thing is to assess first your capability and the difficulty levels. If it is your first time, tackle the beginner’s class and work your way up. There’s no need to rush to the most difficult level. It is crucial to have steady growth regardless of the pace that you can carry out. Familiarise yourself with the different rivers and courses so you will also determine the twists and turns you need to take.

It pays to know the ins and outs of the industry you are entering. You have to immerse yourself with the people to know the pulse of the market. There’s nothing wrong with starting small and ending big rather than opening big then the spark will die out in a short amount of time.

Develop great teamwork

When you go rafting as a group, you move as one unit and not as separate individuals. Everything has to be synchronised, and everyone has to paddle hard. Good teamwork and leadership are necessary ingredients to achieve success. That is why it is important to trust your guide and listen well to his commands.

Involve your people in the various stages of your venture, from planning to execution to evaluation. Build your team in a way that you become one mind and heart as you face the same direction. The burden is heaviest on the business owner, but you have to face the difficulties as a team to get through them.

Maintain proper balance

Balance is a key factor as you go through the rapids. Even when you fall, always find your balance. But it is not something that you achieve overnight. You have to work on it until it becomes a natural thing to you. This applies not only on the individual but also to the group. The team has to find its equilibrium on the raft amid the flips and splashes.

The entrepreneurial journey is full of ups and downs. You have to know when to stay all night and when to rest. Otherwise, your body and other aspects of your life will suffer. However, balance is not only bound in life and personal matters. It also applies to your team’s structure. See where every member can complement each other and the entire group so that you will develop harmony and unity.

Safety first

Wear the proper gear and check all the equipment before you embark on this fun adventure. Wetsuit, trainers, a floating device, and helmet are among the basic items. Take out unnecessary things, such as jewellery or accessories, which may harm you or others. Review the safety tips and observe them. Protect yourself not just against the rapids or the large rocks but also from the harmful rays of the sun. Bring sunscreen and first aid kit.

Look after your finances. Have some security measures in place to protect your business from crises and adversities. Document everything and set up proper systems and processes to fill in gaps in your operations.

Train well and paddle hard

Learn proper techniques and do warm-up exercises before the rafting activity to prepare your body to the rigorous motions of the river. Stretch your muscles so you can exert energy and force when the going gets tough and the tough gets going. Moreover, have the presence of mind during preparations and at the activity proper.

Equip yourself and your team with the proper skills and capabilities to make your business heavy-duty. Constant learning and training are essential to keep yourself and your venture growing. Pour your passion into your business so that you will achieve the goals you have set that will bring you to success.

The biggest struggle is at the early stage when you are trying to learn everything. But as you continue rafting and devoting yourself to the business, experience and familiarity will widen your comfort zone. You can learn from others who have gone before you, especially those that are already braving their entrepreneurial rapids, which you can find in EO Melbourne. Nevertheless, keep your eyes ahead and focus on the destination. Watch out for the waves and meet them head on to surpass the turbulence. Most of all, have fun and enjoy the ride.