The benefits of blogging to your business

Blogging has been around for more than two decades, and it has become widely used from personal journals to marketing and commercial purposes. Various brands and companies have also turned to blogs to communicate with their stakeholders. A blog gives an added dimension to your website, which usually has standard pages that do not need frequent updating.


There are several platforms with template designs that enable individuals, groups and companies to start blogging quite easily. Plugins and apps allow users to incorporate various features in their blogs that make it more attractive for readers. Moreover, blogs have become a rich source of information and entertainment among those who explore the world wide web. EO and its various chapters have also come up with blogs that have provided additional insights to members and readers. The ideal case is to host or attach your blog to your website to make it easier for you and your audience.

To have a blog, you should dedicate some time and effort to plan your content, post regularly, and respond to comments and queries. It’s not expensive to maintain a blog, which is why several ventures are also utilising this for their marketing efforts. Here are some of the benefits that having a corporate blog can bring to your business.

Increase traffic to your website

For your website to generate more traffic, it must have fresh content. Keeping a blog allows you to come up with new posts on a regular basis. It can increase your website’s SEO and inbound links when you have more articles through your blog, especially if you link it back to pages in your site. With more stories and information you share, you increase the searchability of your site as you harp on keywords that are related to your brand or business.

Inform and educate your customers

Through blog posts, you can explain concepts thoroughly. You can go beyond featuring your products or services but even come up with creative articles related to your industry that can be additional resources to your customers.

Connect you with your customers and prospects

Your website can be quite limiting as it will only present very pertinent information about your business. But you have many things to tell your audience beyond the details of your venture and some FAQs. The content you put in your blog can be customised based on the preferences of your readers, which can spark discussion and engagement.

Provide human touch

A blog provides a voice for your business, one that they do not often hear. You can inspire others through stories, highlight your people, share your passion, and put a human face to your company. That way, it strengthens your relationship with people as they see your brand beyond the logos, products, packaging or brochure.

Add value to your brand

Because you can talk about your brand in-depth, you can highlight its positive points without having to make it a hard sell. When you touch on other topics related to your business and provide relevant angles, you raise your brand’s authority, adding value to it that can endear to your customers and prospects.

Maintaining a blog can be either enjoyable or burdensome, but don’t lose your focus and always bear your readers in mind. You also have to stay close to your branding in any article you post. If you do well, it can lead to long-term positive results which can bolster your image and bring in additional income to your business.