7 Entrepreneurial spirit animals

The business world is a corporate jungle where varied entrepreneurs that possess qualities and exhibit characteristics similar to members of the animal kingdom abound. Thus, it is not surprising that there are individuals who relate themselves with and take inspiration from creatures and wildlife as their business personae in the form of spirit animals.


A spirit animal is often used in some cultures, beliefs or practices wherein it symbolises a guide for the person or something that one yearns to exemplify. Even in the business wilderness, individuals apply spirit animals to determine the different kinds of entrepreneurs that exist or various entrepreneurial traits they want to harness in themselves.

How about you? What is the spirit animal that best represents you or one that you hope to personify? There are many animal species in the forest, but we will list only seven animals that reflect the various types of entrepreneurs we may encounter in the journey.


Curiosity, astuteness and tenacity spell a cat. Known for having nine lives, cats are part of superstitions, mystical plots and historical narratives. They are ferocious, playful and easily intrigued. While cats like to take naps from time to time, they can be vigorous at night since their eyes can easily adapt to the dark.

A person who considers the cat as a totem in business regards the knack to weather hardships and survive challenges as essential in the entrepreneurial journey. They love to explore and try new things, willing to play the game and win. They can be sociable and, at the same time, independent.


When it comes to loyalty and trustworthiness, nothing can beat a dog. They are reliable partners that can function as protectors, hunters, guides and rescuers. Dogs are smart and can learn various tricks when trained well. These furry animals can be adorable as they love to be touched. It’s no wonder why we refer to dogs as man’s best friend.

Entrepreneurs exhibiting a spirit animal of a dog are faithful, hardworking and dependable. They can adapt and learn new things easily. A caring attitude is an innate quality for them as they love to nurture those around them. When trouble comes, they are not afraid to face strife with determination and bravery.


Dolphins are intelligent mammals of the sea. Human beings adore them for their cute antics because they are good-natured. You can see them leap on the water and squeal gleefully when excited. Dolphins best represent harmony as they can exist peacefully with human beings and other animals.

A dolphin personality is one who is a good communicator and an intellectual. Such a person can get along with different kinds of people and bring harmony to the work environment. This type of entrepreneur protects people they care about and displays generosity and positivity.


The eagle is not known as the king of the birds for nothing. When one thinks of the eagle, the qualities of courage, strength and leadership come to mind. They can soar high and by themselves. Because they can fly on high altitudes, they have a broad perspective of the landscape. At the same time, they have a sharp eye to spot prey and strong feet to stay grounded for long.

Having the eagle as your spirit animal means you demonstrate or aspire great leadership. You have a broad vision for your business, while you pay attention to details. Entrepreneurs that display the eagle’s qualities always aim high, but they keep their feet on the ground. Strong winds, in the form of challenges and difficulties, are not a threat but an opportunity to spread one’s wings.


You probably heard of the phrase “sly as a fox” and read fables that portray foxes as tricksters. Foxes are cunning, with the ability to sneak in a place and leave unnoticed. They move swiftly and can adapt with no trouble. Often, they are used to symbolise wisdom and intelligence.

If you have the fox as a spirit animal, you can quickly respond to situations, yet cautious and calculating in your decisions. As a totem, it means that you have to confront obstacles head on and find a smart way to overcome them. You can approach situations with humour, blend with new environments and learn new things effortlessly. Also, discretion is a characteristic you possess or value.


A horse symbolises speed, energy, passion, drive and freedom. Horses transport human beings and things. Horses can gallop and run wildly, sometimes depicted as a significant figure in historical events and battlefields. In olden times, they epitomise stature as they carry royalties, generals and heroes.

In business, those who characterise the horse are entrepreneurs who are always motivated and driven. They work hard in full speed and seems to have the energy to do several things and accelerate tasks. Because they are adventurous, they are not restricted by the norm, enjoying the freedom to create and try new endeavours.


The king of the jungle is known for its fierceness, along with the power it upholds. Lions are feared, and they will not think twice to attack anyone who will be a threat to their pride. Their roar alone is enough to drive aggressors away.

Someone who has the lion as a spirit animal is a true leader who knows how to look after his team. He is determined and brave, not willing to back down to any problem or hindrance. He can discern those who can be a help to the business and those who may pose harm. A lion entrepreneur may have a strong presence and can be aggressive. If you are one, learn to control your temper and utilise your inner power to exercise patience and avoid hostility. That way, you can command respect and authority from others without instilling fright or distress.

With these entrepreneurial spirit animals, assess your personality and review the qualities you want to hone in yourself. Refer to them as a guide for self-development, relationship building, and decision-making. It can also help you determine the attributes of other entrepreneurs and help you deal with them accordingly. Take inspiration from the positive qualities of these animals and bring these characteristics to running your business. So, what do you think is the spirit animal that best represents or inspires you?