12 digital payment tools for businesses

The dawn of digital technology has empowered more and more individuals to turn to the cyberspace to find solutions to their various needs. Such solutions are mostly accessed in a single gadget and transactions are done at a click of a button. Many online infrastructures are put in place to make life easier to both merchants and customers and allow the movement of funds to be swift but secure. With e-commerce now on the rise, it is important to take a closer look at online payment tools that can make the exchange of finances, goods and services faster and easier.


Whether you conduct B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-consumer) transactions, having an online payment platform can help drive sales to your enterprise and allow your clientele to pay at a more convenient and secure way. Movement of funds is also applicable not only to retail and wholesale businesses but also to organisations and individuals that conduct fundraising, crowdfunding, freelance work, subscriptions and other internet services.

Entrepreneurs can look into these platforms to see how they can take advantage of these technological advancements to drive sales and manage finances effectively. There are thousands of digital financial tools and software you can choose that can be beneficial to your business. Compiled here is a list of known payment processing programs that are chosen by merchants around the world. (Click on the headings to direct you to their sites.)


They boast of having a global coverage but with a local feel. It has adaptable modular designs that make it easy for businesses to use, simplifying the e-commerce process. The company started in 2006 and now has over 17,000 active clients worldwide. Its platform has an all-in-one monetization capacity that provides ventures to easily grow globally. It supports businesses not only in selling goods but also in managing subscriptions and recurring billings.


Identifying itself as a Visa Solution, Authorize.net simplifies transactions by accepting payments through various platforms and methods, whether it is in-store, online or mobile devices. It has been providing payment solutions to small businesses and merchants since 1996. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Authorize.net is serving over 430,000 merchants to date.


Transferring funds can be done in three easy steps through Dwolla. All the businesses have to do are to create users, attach bank accounts and move money. Payments may be automated, especially that Dwolla has a white-label API that makes it more convenient for developers to integrate into their application. Founded in 2008, Dwolla has been facilitating movements of millions of funds daily at little transaction costs.


PayPal is one of the most popular digital payment platforms worldwide as it now has 277 million active account users. Its secure and convenient method allows businesses and individuals to send and receive payments across various countries online, by an app, mobile device or in person. PayPal enables the movement of funds by linking credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts. Users can send payments directly with only the recipient’s email address.


Taking digital payment methods further, Square offers both software and hardware systems that enable businesses to receive funds through online platforms or swiping cards through the Square hardware solutions. This allows merchants to conduct transactions anywhere with tools like a magstripe reader attached to a smartphone or tablet.


Stripe prides itself for its unparalleled APIs designed for utmost functionality that can serve various kinds of internet business needs, whether for e-commerce, crowdfunding or subscription management. Launched in 2011, Stripe now has millions of users worldwide using its design-friendly platform and process.


Also a PayPal service, Braintree reach more customers that integrates payments through PayPal, Venmo, digital wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay, bank accounts, credit cards and debit cards. With this integration, Braintree is able to drive higher conversion for businesses and merchants. Braintree began in 2007 and now has merchants in over 45 countries.


At this day and age when transactions occur across continents, countries and time zones, Due provides solutions to businesses, merchants, freelancers and online payers through its various products. It has time tracking, invoicing, digital wallet, ecash and global payments. Due is a young company as it started in 2015 serving small businesses and freelancers for online invoicing until it expanded its services to include various payment options.


A Chase company, WePay can link and refer merchants to Chase and provide integrated payment solutions for any business model. It has flexible APIs that produce efficient and exceptional user experience. What started as a peer-to-peer payment platform in 2008 has now grown to integrate various payment options to move funds fast, secure and convenient.

Apple Pay

If you have Apple devices, it is easier to use Apple Pay. It is secure as you can pay in stores using Face ID or Touch ID. Apple Pay revolutionizes the transfer of funds as sending and receiving of money can be done in Messages or with the help of Siri. This digital wallet can be used as a debit card or credit card that facilitates purchases and payments easily and securely.

Google Pay

What used to be Google Wallet and Android Pay has merged into a single integrated online payment solutions provider in Google Pay. Its features allow users to purchase goods, reserve tickets, book rides and other app payments through websites and apps that accept Google Pay. It also serves as a digital wallet that combines convenience and security when transferring or receiving funds.


Payoneer’s capability to facilitate transactions globally through various currencies at a fast, efficient and safe manner has made it as one of the preferred platforms of businesses, online sellers and freelancers. Since its founding in 2005, Payoneer has come a long way as it now serves more than 4 million users around the world.

As you and your business move forward, take a look at the current trends and technological solutions that can aid you in reaching your targets, driving sales and managing your cash flow. If having an online payment platform is a pressing need of your venture, look through the various features of trusted service providers and choose the one that fits your requirements. It may be something you do not need for now but it could be a huge driver for your business in the future.