Getting into the mind of shoppers

When you own a retail business, you need to constantly feel the pulse of the market. Trends come and go, and people’s tastes and choices shift from time to time. How do you drive sales and profit in an industry where things are fickle and everchanging?


While consumer preferences and priorities vary every now and then, there are certain factors that can draw buyers and sway them in their decision-making process. 

Cost and budget

One of the major consideration of shoppers is the cost of items if they are within the budget and provide value-for-money. Products on discount sale or with promotional gimmicks are more likely to sell out faster than regular ones. Some consumers do not mind paying a little bit of extra if they see that the product is of better quality than others. Evaluate your cost and compare them with the industry price if it is something that will drive shoppers to choose your product. Moreover, ensure that you produce quality goods and attach the price corresponding to its value.

Appeal to senses

Packaging that is visually pleasing to the eyes, with the use of attractive colours and design, can attract shoppers at first glance. What the brain retains are the visuals, then the words read, the sound or music and the smell. How the products are presented, especially when they are neat, orderly and packed right, may encourage consumers to purchase them. Some brands put a lot of thought and resources on the design of their products, packaging and visual elements to attract potential buyers.


People are always on the lookout for something new. Even if you have bestseller goods, always think of ways to reinvent them and introduce fresh items. Make consumers be curious about you to the point that they will line up just to have a taste of your new offerings or services. With the same products, you can come up with events or new marketing schemes that can bring more customers to your business.

Public perception

Shelves that seem to be getting empty, long queues, and customer reviews. These are a few things that may sway consumers even at the last minute. Others would choose a brand with ethical consideration. Some would weigh the opinion of other shoppers when they decide the business they will patronise. Public relations, media and social networks often play a role in shaping public perception.


The interiors of the shop, the spacing of shelves and furniture, and the arrangement of the products also affect how consumers view a brand. Allow your customers the space to breathe and put consideration on their comfort as well. Have a friendly staff that is ready to serve and assist them. Make your building, office, store, stall or shop welcoming to your clients.

Shopping experience

Regardless of how you are able to attract your customer at first instance if you are not able to meet or exceed their expectations, they’re more likely not to return and do another purchase. Capture your shoppers with the quality of your products, good customer service and exceptional overall shopping experience. Establish rapport with them and leave a strong positive impression that will stay with them for long. If fully satisfied, they will even share their good experience with others and act as your brand ambassadors.

The key is to have constant and open communication with your customers. Friendly and informal chats with them can give you a glimpse of the psychology of shoppers. A good relationship with your clientele is a strong foundation that can keep your business longer and push it faster toward your goals.