Sharpening the entrepreneurial mind through jigsaw puzzles

Puzzles are created to tickle the mind. Putting together pieces of jigsaw puzzles, especially the huge ones, can be both exciting and daunting. Finding the right one that fits a particular section is pleasurable, but not figuring out the correct positions can be frustrating. It is sometimes exasperating, yet it can hone your skills and sharpen your thinking.


There are few insights from solving jigsaw puzzles that you can apply to various aspects of life. Take a few lessons from it and bring it to your business and let your entrepreneurial abilities expand and grow.

Vision: A photo reference is important

Creators of jigsaw puzzles provide a picture of what the finished product looks like. It serves as a guide on how the pieces should go together.

As the founder of your venture, your vision for your business is an important guide to keep you on the right track. Put your vision into something concrete, such as a picture or representation, which can also be a reference and constant reminder to you, your staff and team members. Then build your plans and strategies around that vision.

Coherence: Every piece count  

No piece is less important than the other. Everything is needed to create a picture. They have to lock together to appear as a single entity.

Some entrepreneurs establish their business based on their hobbies or skills. An IT expert is more likely to start a technology-related business. Owning an enterprise entails more than just putting your talents into good use. There is a need to familiarise yourself with accounting, human resource, marketing, sales and other components that keep your venture running.

Hiring experts is the best way to drive it forward. However, you may not have the resources to put together a team during the initial stage. And even if you already have skilled staff members, you still need to oversee various aspects of your business to ensure they all work together in the same direction.

Strategy: Start with the edges

When all the pieces are messily mixed together, it may render you clueless as to where to start first. The best strategy is to assemble the boundaries to get clues on the next pieces.

A business leader looks for more efficient ways to reach his target at an accelerated rate. Start with your vision and then craft your plan on how to achieve it in a short time. A good strategy will save you the resources, time and effort. Break down your big goals into smaller ones and start with tasks that are easy and doable.

Experiment: Do trial and errors to find the right fit

A piece may look like the right one for a particular spot. But when you put it with the other pieces, it doesn’t fit at all. You have to try similar-looking pieces to know which one will truly fit.

In business, there are several hits and misses until you get the right solution to your problem. Trial-and-errors are often necessary for you to achieve success. Don’t be afraid to commit mistakes, although there’s nothing wrong with being cautious and calculating. Starting and growing a business requires taking risks, so be wise in making decisions that may affect you, your family or other people.

Teambuilding: Working together makes it faster

Working on a jigsaw puzzle may take time. Doing it with people you are comfortable with is a big help. It also makes the experience more enjoyable.

While having an extra hand doesn’t necessarily correspond to efficiency, working with people that share your vision, corporate culture, work ethics, passion and drive can ease some burdens. They can help you figure out things, carry out tasks and take care of your business.

Fun: Enjoy the process as well as the result

Solving jigsaw puzzles is a lot of fun. It can be a hobby, a collection or something you can play during parties or by yourself. The feeling of being able to put the last piece and complete the picture is very fulfilling.

It is a given that the entrepreneurial journey is filled with the proverbial potholes and humps. Challenges and hardships are constant in every business. Don’t forget to enjoy the experience and have fun while working towards your goals. And when you achieve success big or small, find time to celebrate.

Now, gather the remaining pieces of the puzzle and work towards completing the picture of your vision.