Platforms you can use for online meetings

Doing business in different parts of the globe or having team members in various locations may require a lot of communication to ensure that things go well. In this age of modern technology, being physically apart is not a hindrance in doing business transactions or official meetings. Within EO and among EO members, online meetings are also common and widely used.


Several online platforms are currently available to make video calls and meetings more plausible. Nowadays, you can see each of the meeting participants on your screen, share files and record conversations, depending on the features of the application. Take a close look at 11 video conferencing platforms that you can consider for your remote meetings.


You can access GoToMeeting on your desktop or mobile devices, which makes it easy for participants who are on the go. It goes beyond screen sharing because it also has drawing tools which you can use to direct your participants’ attention and focus on a particular part of the screen. It can record and store your meetings on cloud storage. GoToMeeting offers a free 14-day trial with up to 50 attendees.


One of the many platforms that have been around for some time is Skype, which offers free calls and messaging globally. You can even connect to a mobile or landline number. It Is downloadable to computers and mobile devices. Skype is widely used and popular, which makes it easy to use for video calls and conferencing.


You can customise your meeting link and personalise your meeting background. There are one-click screen sharing and free conference calls. is also downloadable in any device, which makes it easier to have an online meeting. It offers simple integration solutions for Chrome, Outlook, Office 365, Trello, Slack, G Suite and other apps.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is one platform to consider because it is easily accessible through Gmail, Google Calendar and Chrome. Google users can open the application from various devices and use it for messaging and calls free of charge. Another advantage of Hangouts is that Gmail and Google are widespread globally because many Android phones already have the app built-in upon purchase or activation.


Cisco’s WebEx has cloud calling that has the advantages of a traditional phone system, less the intricacy of securing and managing it. WebEx products have features for video conferencing, team collaboration, webinars, online training, video support, conference calling, conferencing devices, and cognitive collaboration. There are different plans available according to your meeting size and needs.


Users and attendees can do video calls and online meetings through the Zoom site or its downloadable app. Companies and organisations also use Zoom for webinars, virtual conference rooms, phone system, business messaging and file sharing. Apart from its free basic features, Zoom also has other plans for your various business communication needs. Zoom caters to industries like education, finance, government and healthcare.

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting provides an avenue for participants to connect online and integrate other apps like Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects and Zoho Calendar. Hosts can also have webinar polls and Q&A to facilitate discussions.

ezTalks Meeting

You and your team can hold virtual meetings with a real video conferencing experience where you can share your screen, use online whiteboard tools, record discussions, and chat as a group or privately. It also allows attendees to use the app on any device.


Highfive is a cloud video conferencing software that is easy to use as there’s no need to download an application. You can join meetings by going to the Highfive URL in your browser, making it smooth for users and administrators to conduct online video calls. The URLs are also simple, which you can customise and make it easy to remember. Lengths of meetings are unlimited. Although it does not use PIN codes, meetings are still kept secure.


Another browser-based app is AnyMeeting, which is accessible on any device. The online meeting software allows hosts to customise their meeting rooms where they can include their business logo on the background. It has a built-in phone conferencing, video sharing, screen sharing, recording and meeting notes.

With all these platforms and many others that are available online, distance is no longer a problem to meet and discuss important points. You can even use the applications to further your business and exchange knowledge and information with others.

Let us know in the comments section below which ones you have tried and which ones you find suitable to your meeting needs.