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Keeping pace with Frunch Nazzari

Francesco “Frunch” Nazzari is what he calls himself a serial entrepreneur. “I love starting a business. I love to see an opportunity. But not only do I love an opportunity, as all entrepreneurs do, I also love to see a niche, an actual community. I like to have a visceral experience around that community,” the Managing Director and Co-founder of Rooftop Cinema declared.

Getting reel with Steven Jackson

Passionate about filmmaking, Steven Jackson’s entrepreneurial journey started with just a simple storyline. Then the plot thickens, encountering challenges that add excitement and twists to the story. In the process, he edits out the unfavourable and retains the important lessons to keep his two film businesses going: PurpleMonky, which focuses on videos for corporate brands; and Moon & Back, which provides wedding film services.

Andrew MacKinnon builds an empire

A leading independent creative agency, an iconic venue, office buildings, and an online memorial platform. Andrew MacKinnon, Taboo Founder and Managing Director, has built these ventures and more, and he’s not stopping there. His passion, positive outlook, and innovative character drive him to keep creating ideas and making cool things.

Bradley Hampel humanises brand experiences

Bradley Hampel is into the business of activations, movie premieres, corporate events, and brand experiences. But before he founded his event and entertainment agency, Solution Entertainment, more than ten years ago, Brad didn’t imagine starting a business of his own. A trip to Lagos, Portugal and the circumstances that occurred there lured him towards the entrepreneurial path, not expecting that such experiences would lead him to success.

Ben Hirons is due north

Business owner Ben Hirons is due north, where his entrepreneurial compass points him. It’s a trip he wants to savour. “One thing I realised is that business is a journey. It's not a destination. It's all about how you plan, structure, execute and implement the right journey. It's always about getting to somewhere,” he says.  As a wise man once said, “if you're not heading north, you're not heading anywhere!” Loving the play on words, Ben founded a business and named it Due North.

Trent Dyball and his creative pulse

ManBrands Creative Director and Norman Connell Advertising Managing Director Trent Dyball started doing marketing at a time when there were still no emails and social media sites. Through the changing landscape of the industry he is in, Trent learned that keeping the creative fresh is what matters most. With over 20 years under his belt, Trent has an intensive creative and marketing experience that has got him to where he is right now in his business journey.

The hard edge and soft spot of Andrew Hardwick

Andrew Hardwick’s passion is a hard edge stroke that emerges from his figurative entrepreneurial canvas. But this businessman who claims he wears his heart on his sleeve and in the right places has a soft spot for people and on doing good in the world. Put together, his qualities and experiences, good or bad, blend into a magnificent masterpiece that portrays his colourful business journey.