The advantages of attending conferences, talks and seminars

Not many may adhere to the thought of leaving their workspace and be with several other people, mostly strangers, to listen to a speaker. Others may prefer to read books, watch videos or listen to podcasts in the comforts of their offices or homes rather than going to a venue, which may be a bit intimidating. However, there is a great benefit in being in that space where you absorb the energy of experts and other like-minded individuals.


Consider seminars, talks, conferences and learning events as an investment to your growth and personal development. Choose the events you’ll attend that can add value to your entrepreneurial journey. Some of them may come for free as a benefit of being a member of a group like EO Melbourne. Not only is it a mental exercise but it is also a social activity that can help hone your skills. Such advantages can be listed down, but not limited to:

Change of environment

To spark the creative flow within you, you often need to have a change of scenery and get out of your comfort zone. Of course, you might need to be away from your work, and that’s the cost of attending a conference, apart from the fees you have to pay to participate. But having more people around you can spike up your competitive spirit. You get to see how others react to the speakers and gauge their response vis-a-vis your way of receiving the information.

Networking with various entrepreneurs

You’ll be surprised at what you will get when you expand your horizon and meet new people. There are different personalities with various backgrounds that come to conferences and seminars. Acquainting with them can lead you to know more people from different industries and businesses where you can deepen through a mutually beneficial relationship.

Face-to-face interaction

Seeing an expert talk to you face-to-face is different compared to just watching him on a screen or hearing him from an earphone. You can ask questions and get answers instantly. Also, you can receive additional hints from non-verbal signs like gestures, intonation and facial expressions. There may even be workshops where you get to apply what you heard and check your output with a group that can guide you on the right way to do things.

Use of your five senses

The main benefit of attending a learning event is the lessons, information and stories that you pick from the speakers and people present. You get to listen to them, to see them and the surroundings, and experience the whole thing. There’s instant gratification that you get when you feel the energy and excitement that come together in such a venue.

Fun learning experience

More than anything else, being surrounded by people with the same passion and enthusiasm can be a fun experience. You get to learn and meet new friends. Look around the exhibits and check out the side activities. The event may only last for a day or two, but the energy you’ll take from it is enough to re-charge you for months.

Although not all experiences may be pleasant and some may fall short of your expectations, you still have the choice to make the most of it. Stay positive so that you can bring the learnings and energy back to your business and your team. The best way to nurture the lessons you receive from the event is to pass it on and share it with others. When you repeat and explain what you have learned from the speakers, you get to understand it better. Moreover, it will also help improve your team.