The four seasons of entrepreneurship

Year in and year out, we experience extreme heat, extreme cold, flowers in bloom and trees in decline. As the planet goes through the different seasons of nature, the entrepreneurial journey also passes through various phases and cycles. In this world, and even in the business space, change is the only constant. Entrepreneurs must learn to adapt to such changes within its internal environs and even those happening in its external setting.


While nature’s season may be distinct from each other, the entrepreneurial seasons may vary from one business to another. The important thing is to be mindful of how things unfold and learn from what the planet and the shifting weather may teach that you can apply in managing your venture.

Winter – Reflect and Plan

The cold temperature may get you frozen in your tracks. Movement is difficult at this time of the year because of the snow. If you translate this into the business sphere, there are times in your venture when progress seems to be slow. Take this time to assess every aspect of your enterprise and plan for the coming years. Set new targets and come up with checklists on how to bring your company to your goals. Engage with your customers and formulate ways to expand your business.

Spring – Sow and Explore

Growing buds sprouting from the face of the earth bring a vessel of hope to everyone. Spring reminds us how fertile our vast land is and how tiny seeds can blossom into beautiful plants. There is always spring in the entrepreneurial journey. It is the time when opportunities abound, which becomes a perfect time to invest, to sow good ideas and explore possibilities for your business. If spring is too aloof to you, you can create your spring moments. Don’t wait for good things to come to you. Make them happen.

Summer – Nurture and Grow

The heat is a great excuse to head over to the beach and enjoy life. Summertime means you have to hydrate and keep the crops growing. There are times in your business when you feel the drought – concepts are not that plenty, sales may not be picking up as expected, and customers are sporadic. Allow your venture to grow by trying new things. Nurture your organisation by providing training and skills development to your staff. Strengthen your systems and operations. Check the gaps and ensure that you fill them in to avoid mishaps.

Fall – Harvest and Report

If there’s a time to sow, there’s also a time to reap. Autumn is the time for some harvests. Leaves fall, and nature prunes itself. Find a season in your business cycle where you do some cleaning up in your venture. Give importance to reports because you will need them every time you plan for your next move. Take time for some team outings and celebrate small and big wins.

Be mindful of the changing landscape in your business. The best way to approach them is to anticipate challenges and difficulties so that you will be prepared for the inevitable. Take three or more steps ahead of your competitors. Equip yourself with new skills and knowledge because your business grows as you grow. When winter, spring, summer and fall come, you are ready to weather the hardships and welcome the good things with open arms.