Tips for effective customer service

Businesses acknowledge the fact that retaining existing customers is more cost-efficient than seeking new clientele constantly. Consumers may extend their loyalty to a brand if they feel valued by the company and receive the ample attention they need. The danger lies when you commit and does nothing to salvage the damage done because customers can easily shift to another brand.


Nowadays, the public can quickly access the information they need through modern technology, which means they are more knowledgeable. The staggering options available can take their interest away from your brand. To counter this, investing in good customer service will help your company establish a strong support channel. If you truly subscribe to the adage that “the customer comes first,” then it is but apt to put your money’s worth on what you deem as the most important in your business.

Create a strong customer service team

The first thing to set up is a formidable customer service team that can quickly address various client concerns in any given situation. Hire competent people and train them well so that they can respond to customer needs and queries in a fast and amicable manner. Treat your employees well and keep them happy so that their positivity can radiate to the clientele they deal with, whether on social media, over the phone, via e-mail or through the face-to-face encounter.

Engage with them during and after-sales

When dealing with clients before and during sales, make sure that they get the best experience there is that they will find the transaction memorable. Take time to reach out to them after sales, to see how they are finding the product or service or to greet them during special occasions. Customers appreciate it when you keep them in mind. If there are foreseeable problems, it is better to take a proactive stance and inform them in advance instead of waiting for them to complain.

Gather their profile and contact information

Don’t lose your client’s contact details and viable information. Have a secure database where you store their data, including the kind of product or service they availed from your business. Keeping a record of these details can help you see the preferences and transaction histories of your clientele. It also enables you to customise and personalise your communication with them according to the information stored. Be sure, however, to always update your database regularly.

Use multi-channels to reach out to customers

Know where your customers are and make your brand accessible on various channels. Often, one source of frustration for consumers is not knowing how to get in touch with a particular business. Present and target customers must be able to find you online and offline. When you communicate with your clients, utilise different platforms to make sure that you have sent your message across and is well-received by them.

Emphasise on speed and quality

Be agile in attending to the needs of your clients. Speed is one thing that they will find admirable in a company. Pair this with quality service, where you provide the best attention and address every situation with utmost care.

Go the extra mile

Kind gestures, big or small, can warm someone else’s heart. Take consideration for those who need extra care, such as the elderly. Be patient when dealing with irate customers. Don’t overpromise, but overdeliver. Always wear a smile. Don’t just go after the sales, rather, go after the relationship. Moreover, do things more than is expected of you.

Customer service is a role that must not be confined within only one department of your company. Every person in your organisation should breathe and live good customer relations. Everyone must take part in ensuring that clients have a positive experience with your brand so that they will continue to patronise your business and even draw others to your fold.