President's Update - October

From the President

Dear EO Melbourne,

I recently caught up with Dave Ansett, a Past President, where he checked in and asked how I was going. Steadfast in my determination not to respond with a throwaway “good”, I paused, reflected for a moment, and responded with, “I feel genuinely and incredibly lucky.”

As our Board close off our first quarter and start our second quarter together, we turn our minds towards our 3 key priorities: (1) Respect our past; (2) Be custodians to the present; and (3) Plan for the future. As part of planning for the future, we consider the question of succession planning and open up the call for nominations for Board positions. In my experience, being on the Board is a masterclass in influence and leadership, and one of those things that money can’t buy. If you wish to put your hand up for the Path of Leadership and be considered as a President in the future, please let myself and Kirsten ( know privately.

“How to Build Successful Families” Workshop with Warren Rustand

EO Melbourne members and their families had a fun engagement at the How to Build Successful Families Workshop with Warren Rustand. Out of the 80 participants, 33 were family guests or children of EO members. This workshop coincides with the chapter’s focus this year on family and in bringing those most important on the same journey.