How to drive traffic to your site

You set up your website and social media accounts, then expect people to visit them on their own. However, creating them and leaving them at that are not enough to reach your audience. You have to come up with some activity and engagement to let them know and draw them to your site.


Acquiring new customers and strengthening your relations with your existing ones involve an active pursuit online. Your internet presence has to be felt by your target market through strategic actions that will encourage them to visit your website. Before you launch any online marketing campaign, you have to ensure that your site has valuable content that will keep your visitors to come back and share it with others.

Now, how do you drive traffic to your site? Read on the following strategies that can help you with your site traffic.

Organic search

Every minute, millions of searches take place online. Your site can land in the first pages of search engines if you include the right keywords in your content. Internet users now use longtail keywords to narrow down search results, which you can employ in your site. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the activities that site owners do to draw visitors. Even when algorithms change, it is important that your content is rich and images are properly tagged, without engaging in black hat tricks. Explore web directories and listings and see how they can contribute to your site’s searchability.

Social media

The popularity of social media has gone unnoticed by site owners and managers that it has become central in online marketing. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Reddit have become vital in linking and sharing sites, engaging customers and forming communities. Because social media platforms vary depending on usage, culture and trends, you have to customise your content accordingly. Tapping on the influence of online personalities also help in gaining credibility and authority to your brand.

Paid Ads

Advertisements are no longer limited to broadcast and print media. Brands turn to websites, search engines and social networks in placing ads. The likes of Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Sponsored Posts, Youtube Ads and Twitter Ads are also gaining the public’s attention. Other brands even get into advertisements promoted in online games. The good thing about ads online is that you can target your audience based on internet behaviours and site visits.


Sites with high visitor rates can help boost traffic to your site through linkages. There are different ways to drop your site’s URL in sites with good domain authority. You can do this through link exchanges, guest posts, comments (as the first commenter) in blogs, and forum or Quora interactions. Of course, you have to select the sites where to put your site’s URL, as they must align with your brand and industry. Other methods are through webinars and article marketing, where you seed writeups to article banks, newsletters and syndication sites.

Email marketing

The best way to retain customers and constantly communicate with your existing audience is through email marketing. When they subscribe to your site, they can receive updates, announcements, news and stories about your brand. It is also helpful to always put in your email signature a link to your site.

Direct traffic

When people are more familiar with your site, they can simply type it in their browsers for reference. Make sure that you always put your site’s URL in your business cards, marketing materials, advertisements, presentations and the like. Having a domain name that is easy to remember is necessary to make it top-of-mind among your clientele.

With increasing site traffic, you can nurture visitors and convert them to become your loyal customers. Apart from these strategies, consistency is key in attracting more people to your site. You have to come up with fresh content regularly and update the information posted there. Moreover, you have to keep yourself abreast with the latest trends and news so you can align your strategies with whatever clicks with your target market.