Increasing sales through online shopping sites

If you are a startup or a small enterprise and you want to sell your products using the online platform, you can promote them on your site and provide an option for site visitors to purchase them there. However, you can move your products faster if you make them available in top online shopping sites.


Before you embark on this direction, you have to review the site, its security features and partnership agreement, as well as the advantage and relevance of such to your brand. Once it has fulfilled your requirements and standards, you can begin featuring your items on your chosen shopping site or sites. But there are a few things you have to keep in mind to get more visitors and prospects to your page.

Write clear descriptions and catchy titles

Your description must be able to inform readers of the features of your product and how it can become a solution to a problem or situation where your item can fill in the need. Do not try to sound hard sell though, but be sincere in stating your offerings. You can include a call-to-action to motivate visitors to do something after reading about your product.

Use nice and attractive photos

Graphics and images are better than a thousand words. People can immediately see how your product looks like and how they can use them through photos. Invest in good product images that can attract people to your page. Make your photos easily searched online by putting tags and captions.

E-mail and engage your buyers

Take the extra step and engage your customers by communicating with them through email. Establish trust and build positive relationships with them through constant updates and fast turnaround on inquiries and complaints.

Follow-up on leads

Build your database of inquiries and convert visits into sales. Follow-up is key to completely closing a transaction. Check out concerns and assist prospects so that they become repeat customers.

Give discounts and special deals

Putting your product photos and description on an online shop may not be enough to bring in sales. With several vendors and many other products available in every online store, you have to compete for attention and gain the trust of site visitors. Coming up with discounts and special deals can put you on the homepage and featured portions of the online shopping site.

Utilise product reviews

When buyers are satisfied with your product and customer service, they will promote your brand and leave positive reviews. But don’t shy away from unfavourable comments. The best way to approach that is to respond sincerely and communicate well with disgruntled customers.

Promote in other sites

Even if your product is on your website and the online retail sites, you still have to strengthen your presence on the internet by using social media marketing and targeted sites. Check out blogs, vlogs and popular accounts of social network influencers. You can send them samples or tokens to feature your product on their sites.

There are plenty of options and opportunities for you even when you are only starting your venture. It is best that you scan the industry and study carefully the various online shopping sites that may lead to increased sales. If you are not too familiar with the terrain, seek help from experts or fellow entrepreneurs who have experience in this area. Attend learning events and seminars, such as those offered by EO Melbourne, and expand your knowledge on business, particularly in using e-commerce.