The colourful business journey of Antoine Bakhache

If one has to describe the entrepreneurial journey of Antoine Bakhache, owner and Managing Director of Bakhache Luxuries, it is a life full of vivacity and hue. Born in Lebanon, Antoine has lived in the US, Thailand, India and Malaysia and worked and set up ventures in some of these countries. From events to jewellery to silverware to food, he has experienced it all - running businesses in various industries and now, expanding to Australia, another entrepreneurial adventure to add to his experiences.

Hannah Vasicek and her meaning of success

“Success means nothing unless you're giving back.” Hannah Vasicek, Founder and Director of Francesca Collections, lives by this philosophy, which has also become the tagline of her business. More than just making jewellery, Hannah subscribes to the belief that her business is also meant to create an impact on people’s lives.

Michael Clark wants to make the world better

Michael Clark, Crisp Solutions Founder and Lemon Wedge owner, is guided by these business philosophies: make the world better, don’t take no for an answer and never give up. His deep awareness of both the good and the bad forces in life drive him every day. The positive is a never-ending inspiration and the negative elements are a powerful teacher where strength and experience can be found. Thus, out of the opportunities and the challenges his environment and life posed before him, Michael has emerged as a formidable businessman.

The strength of time for Graeme Goldman

The adage "time is gold” may be a bit of a cliché, but not to Graeme Goldman, who is in the business of selling timepieces. Graeme is the founder and owner of Lion Brands, a multi-brand distributor of Swiss-made watches, and the love for this item grew in him since childhood.

A dash of chilli for Andy Galbally

A bite of chilli can produce a burning sensation to the digestive system. It’s like the passion that was burning within Andy Galbally, Chilli Promotions Director, that led him to his present journey. Fired up by his fascination for art and design in the advertising world, Andy trodded the path he wanted to take that paved the way towards his exciting roller-coaster entrepreneurial ride.

Donna Guest on preparing for life challenges

An accidental entrepreneur. That is how Co-founder of retail company Blue Illusion, Donna Guest, describes herself. It was not something that she envisioned when she married her late husband and then business partner, Danny Guest. Moreover, becoming a CEO of a company was not something she contemplated when they started the business 20 years ago. She came into the position when Danny passed away suddenly last year.